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Through the AudioGames.net PlayCenter we present a fine selection of accessible computer games. These games are hosted exclusively by AudioGames.net. Some games can be downloaded (like Drive) and some games can be played in your browser (like Sudo-San). Below you find a list with all games featured in the PlayCenter. If you want us to host your game exclusively in the AudioGames.net PlayCenter, please contact us through this contact form.

Have fun!

Richard & Sander (AudioGames.net)

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ScreenshotGameDescription Type
Drive screenshot - click here to play DriveDrive Drive - A racing game completely based on sound! download, free demo
The Curb Game - click here to play The Curb GameThe Curb Game Can you handle the temptation of... the other curb? free online game
Sudo-San - click here to play Sudo-SanSudo-San Grandmaster San presents: accessible sudoku for blind and sighted gamers! free online game
Experimental Audio gamesExperimental Audio Games Different free prototypes, no guarantee! free games

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