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Treasure Hunt Walkthrough

Although this game includes a mission divided into nine parts, there are three main
points around which it revolves. these are the Supply, Weaponry, and Control Panel rooms.
This walk through will describe how to reach any of these three locations.

Supply Room:
To get to the Supply Room:
From your starting point, travel eastward until you find a door north of you; this door
will be toward the East end of the corridor. Go down the passage into which this door
leads; the door to the Supply Room is at the North end of the corridor.

To get to the Weaponry:
From your starting point, travel eastward until you find a door North of you; travel down
the passage into which this door leads until you come to the first door East of you. Go
east in the revealed eastwest passage. Note that the passage makes a sharp northward
turn. Follow the passage and find the second door East of you. Opening this door reveals
an intersection. Take the East corridor here. You will have to go through  several more
doors (keep traveling East) until you find a locked door North of you, this is the

Control Panel Room:
To get to the Control Panel Room:
Start out as if you are headed toward the Weaponry. At the intersection, take the East
passage; after going through multiple doors, you will find that a passage leads North.
There will be the door from which you came West of you and another leading into the final
adjoining corridor to the Weaponry to your East. Take the North corridor. There is a door
at the North end of the corridor leading to an eastwest corridor; travel West down this
corridor until you come to a door. Opening that door reveals a northsouth corridor; go
North in that corridor, you will go through several doors. You are looking for a door
East of you, which is the last door to your East before the North wall of the passage.
The eastwest into which you are admitted after opening this door is the corridor leading
to the Control Panel Room.

You may also, if you choose, blast your way to the different rooms by using your Remote
Controled Missile Launcher.

Pressing R will return you to your starting point.

Written by Munawar Bijani (Administrator, BPCPrograms SD.)

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