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Treasure Hunt Cheats (not verified)

Here's how to obtain the cheat codes:

Step 1: murder 200 guards and close the game
Step 2: look for cheats.txt in the Treasure Hunt root directory
Step 3: enter the codes at the control panel (pressing the p-key)

Treasure Hunt Ammo Bug Cheat (by Wraith)

Low on ammo? Short on points? Scrimping on expenditures? Well, you'll
be happy to know that, until this particular bug is fixed, you can freely
spend ammo without losing (if you're careful).
This cheat would be most useful for the larger and more powerful
weaponry (remote controlled missile launcher) or the defensive shield.
Using it on the minor weapons would just be too tedious and defeats the
If you want to fire off a shot without losing it, press "A" to get your
ammo count. But immediately after pressing "A", press your trigger
button (Spacebar). You want to time it so that the firing cuts off the
speech. Yes, that fast. Now you can happily blast up walls, mutilate
guards, play Mister Demolition... And all for no cost.

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