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The Curb Game cheat !!!

Here's a description of how to trigger the famous "Burbgame cheat":

Step 1: Play the game and die
Step 2: Play the game and die again
Step 3: Play the game and die again (really!)
Step 4: Now you have died 3 times in a row. Play the game and get over 3000 points. From the moment you get more than a 3000 points the Farthog is activated, meaning that it can appear random in the game. This is ONLY when you have more than 3000 points.
Step 5: When you hear/see the Farthog run into it! The Farthog can be recognized by a rumbling sound with farts. Now run into it! You'll die, BUT...
Step 6: By being run over by the Farthog you have activated ... The Burb Game! You'll hear a different music and a different voice saying The Burb Game!
Step 7: When you play the game, you'll notice that your score is the same as when you were killed by the Farthog. Each time you die, you start with this score!
Step 8: If you get killed by the Farthog again, your new score is saved. By getting yourself killed by the Farthog you can keep raising your score!

That's it!

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