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#1. Super Liam Official Cheat Codes:

The following are cheat codes that can be entered from the main menu by
pressing the delete key on the six pack of keys.  This key brings up a
special cheat box you can type codes in to.  Note that you can only enter
these codes after you have beaten the game, your game will not be saved.

surf2 = Sandy Surf Act 2
airbot = Airbot Battle
streets1 = Suburban Streets Act 1
streets2 = Suburban Streets Act 2
cyclebot = CycleBot Battle
woods1 = Wild Woods Act 1
woods2 = Wild Woods Act 2
wildbot = WildBot Battle
lava1 = Lava Lake Act 1
lava2 = Lava Lake Act 2
volcano = Volcano Escape
spaceship1 = SilverSpaceship Act 1
spaceship2 = Silver SpaceShip Act 2
laserbot = LaserBot Battle
water1 = WaterWorks Act 1
water2 = WaterWorks Act 2
water = water Escape
lab1 = Lethal Lab Act 1
lab2 = Lethal Lab Act 2
x1 = X1 Battle

youhavenolife = start with 50 lives
healthyplace = ten times your normal health
bangbang = Give Super liam a machine gun
meepmeep = run really fast
nomorefun = turns off all cheats

submitted by Jeff Rutkowski

#2 Super Liam Life Cheat

If you go backwards in the Silver Spaceship level, you will come across a health boost and two extra lives. Take the first life, and you're okay.
Now for the surprise. If you take the second life, you will be ambushed by robots.
The more times you die in the Silver Spaceship act two level, the more lives you can accumulate.

submitted by Jeff Rutkowski

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