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Shades of Doom Guide for version 1.20
By shaun everiss.

Welcome to the long awaited version upgrade of shades of doom.
Here are new features.
you have fists and grenades.
fists can smash everything and anything.
grenades can kill you with in 30 feet, to fire them, push space.
wait for a second or 2 then push space again.
Warning.  if you wait to long you lose the grenade.
If you don't wait at all you will blow yourself up.
Mines don't kill monsters.
Grenades will kill most things.
YOur gujns have increases  in power.
You can destroy equipment that may be usefull so be carefull.
Your health will go up by 2% during the game without you needing  a kit.
Just don't get to messed up and you should be sweet.
Not! doors are recessed.

Other things
please note that objects, well most objects including messages are random.
So I can't tell you where everything is.
Some do stay the same however.

A note about monsters.

some of the monsters have weapons.
Here are the scale of monsters.

Can heart you real bad.
armour is low.
Takes 2/3 hits to kill.
Although dangerous in a group, their armour is low, should only take one hit to dammage them.
Weakest in strength.
Can't heart you at all.
fast though.
can kill with one punch
Depending on what level you are on these can take 2-6 punches to kill.
Reasonably fast and dangerous.
Most just punch you.
The majority in higher levels have automatic guns.
Some have knives, lasers.
One has a chainsaw and one has a flame thrower.
in most cases, they will have amo packs.
fast, and dangerous.
easy to kill with a gun, needs around 3-4 hits with fists though.
tempral disturbances.
Slow moving.
Not dangerous per say, maybe a little anoying.
It takes 9 grenades at close range, so use cheats if you want to kill them.
you can trap them or run from them.
Strong and deadly.
Takes many hits to kill em.
One grenade will kill them though.

Note on random objects.
In most levels there will be some batteries to pick up.
also along the way in most levels there will be grenades to get.
all this stuff is mostly random.

On with the real thing.
Lets start the game.
find a way to note down your messages first.
pause the game while writing messages.
Turn off your screenreader if it isn't hal.
Hal users just push ctrl0 and if you are warried push ctrl8 although you don't need to push that.
listen to the story first before playing

Remember to watch your health.

Your primary objective.
Get the semiautomatic.
secondary objectives.
pick up wafers and get the message.
get amo as you need it.
There is a bio mine in this level.
Follow the eva directions to find things.
Doors will be given to you if they have any purpose or if there is anything interesting.

you are facing west.
start room.
Here you are.
The door is locked and you are trapped in here!
There is an alarm here.
You go west down the passage.
there is a door here.
Door 1, room 1.
Note! random monster placement.
Also random number of monsters.
Random object, bio mine.

door 2
random monster placement, equipment room 1.
follow the passages.
east Note!
Not all passages have doors in them.
door 3
alarm room 2
Usualy nothing here.
door 4
pit room.
a pit, trap 1 of 3
don't fall in!
Note on stuff I forgot to mention.
as well as wafers you will have to look for security chips.
get the right chips or you could be in trouble later on.
they are like keys.
This chip will unlock the elevator door.
most chips will open the doors, lifts and other things.

door 5 fan room 1
monsters random, objects random.
the western hall has side passages that may contain monsters.

end level
door 7 room with steel fan.
warning! this equipment is mined, shoot it and die.
always objects and monsters here.
random object, timeed mine
amo, wafers
your first armour, body armour.
other stuff
door 8
electric room2
random monsters
door to passage
Note! from now on, doors will be unnumbered, you will see why soon, as the game gets harder.
Next thing.
there are 2 places where the message can be obtained.
place 1
in the passage just before the door to the lift.
2.  by the lift itself.
This is the only tricky navigation in the game.
I'll let you find the best way around this yourself.
just follow the bang bang sound make sure its in the middle of the speakers.
Is that enough for you?
if you can't get out, use your timed mine.

end level
open the door
shoot the human with your manual gun
get everything
end of the level.
Get the semi automatic.
select it and go on
If you are dumb enough to not have the full version of this game, then well.
You can stop here.

The rest of the guide is for those with full versions of sod.

get the saw.
other objectives still valid.
From now on unless I state otherwise, messages are on monsters.
also everything is random unless I say its not.
Rooms and doors have no numbers although I will tell you what you need to do here.
the first door is an alternit rout to a pasage in the level to start it.
Always check it.
fan room.
From this point on, robots will have wafers.
search the room!
There are robots here.
2 of them.
so there could be more than one wafer.
Use a kit if your health is below 50
Try not to get below 20.
radio room
one dog is always here.
so is scope batteries.
and there is usualy a med kit here to.
2 stage equipment and alarm room.
random objects.
one monster thats trying to go away from you.
But he usualy has a kit so kill him.
the saw should be somewhere around here to.
get it it where ever you can.
from time to time a insane scientist will try to steal your stuff.
Kill him with any guns you can.
be quick.
rumble room
there is amo and armour here.
To get it you have to kill 2 humans with semiautomatics.
steel fan room.
3 humans are here.
and wafers.
thats the end of that.
At this point I should note that on some levels the message may or may not exist.
This is random.
so guessing may have to be done

level 3
there is an auto gun at the start of the level.
You should know now what all objectives are by now.
there is a random placement of armour here.
most levels bar 9 have their own armour.
the fan room door has a unlock button in one of the robot rooms.
You can blow it open though.
radio room
Yeah, another radio room.
amo, and robots.
humans also.
beep room 1
nothing is usualy here but there is sometimes a monster.
there are 2 such rooms in the game.
if you want an extra wafer there is a pasage somewhere around these rooms that goes south.
there is a door, but this room only contains one wafer

end level.
open the last door.
then just inside the room, turn left.
find the crate.
open that.
get away from the blob.
and fire.
get the last key and you are out.
the first room always has a guy with a gun.
there is always amo for you to.

you will be introduced to your first groups of dogs here.
there will be random stuff  for you.
next there is a passage.
there are 3 doors.
one leads to a teleport that goes all over the place.
the next is nothing  and the next is a door to amo, and your first bird.
next there is a hall of passages with robots in some of them and a door to the end.
some robots have stuff.
others do not though.
go right.
there is a door, and your first group of birds.

there may be other monsters here too.
there is armour although its randomly placed.
keep going till you reach.
here is a maze.

Here are directions.
somewhere in this level you will have to deal with your first turrets.

end of level.

level 5
you will get your first rats here.
they are always in groups.
robot room.
This room is the first room of interest.
Its got robots in it.
There probably was equipment in it but I sort of shot that.
there are batteries here.
toilet room.
there are 3 hunans here.
there are grenades here.
This room is only worth mentioning because there are no random monsters.
radio room.
loads of birds.
non random placement.
usualy a number of dogs are here.
there is a sewer.
open it and down you go.
electric room.
rats and other stuff.
teleport room
save here!
one teleporter is to a dead end.
the other is to the lifts.

at this point note that monsters will attack in halls not just in rooms.
rumble room.
2 turrets.
nothing much here otherwise.
the last door.
Touch it and get hurt.
because its busted, thats why.
blow it open or use the teleport.
if you can't blow it open, walk through the wall.
Note you need cheats.
If not then game over.
level 6
From time to time till level 10 you will get bad time monsters.
you will get silent walkers which are hard to target but are fun to shoot.

room 1.
the alarm room.
amo here.
and loads of monsters.
coffee machine
You can get extra health here.
keep drinking it.
your base level goes up.
use your med kits to recharge your health with the new configuration.
fan room.
there is nothing here but that random time monster thing.
steel room.
robots and other stuff.
sewer botom
this is the botom of the sewer.
You can walk through said sewer and it sounds weird.
small rumble room.
rats and things.

open the last door and you are in
level 7
<that is if you have the chip to unlock the lift that is>

there is a door nere the begining in the first room that is locked.
there is a chip for it somewhere in the level or in the earlier level.
that room has a chip in it
next there is a room with a turret in it and on the other side of it, that is open the door to go out and 2 are there.
hipnotic room
I call this room this as its got a unique piece of equipment that just makes me sleepy.
there are rats in here.
also other things.

then another radio room.
This has nothing in it.
usualy it doesn't have anything.
steel fan room
another room with a blob and more amo.
all weapons should have a fair share.
beep room
another turret.
noth interesting happens till you get to the electric room.
just out side there at its second exit is a bot with more amo.
there is anothere equipment room
with a monster and amo as well.
Just pick it all up as you see it.
somewhere in this level there will be a time monster.

Tip if the monster is in front of you let him hit you.
Now go back to that same place and with luck he should be a ways from you.
Shoot the equipment, and proceed to the elevator.
Level 8
this level is timed.
Your goal is to reach the beep beep room, the one with a blob in it.
Shoot the blob and get all amo.
find the teleport to level 1, shoot it.
Get the armour, and go to level 9
a few things to know for level 8 though.
If a tempral disturbance is nere the last room, get him into a position where you can transport.
If you have shot the level1 teleport, have gone through all the rooms, the alarm room and the one with the robot in it then use your transport pad.
At the last teleporter.
Switch to fists and beat the robot up.
The reason is shooting the thing will just destroy the teleport.
level 9
Search all halls.
Kill the bosses (there are more than 1) around 3-5 bosses.
Get the control box.
then insert the wafers
At the end of the last wafer insert, push enter twice.
Wait for a power down sound to happen.
Go back to the lift.
Note you need a chip on a particular level, level 8 or 7 to open the last door.
there is a tempral monster also.
To kill the bosses, use grenades.
To kill the disturbance do what ever you want.
You can do what ever you want.

Level 10

end game.
previded you have the emergency radio, open your inventory.
Its the only thing in here.
Make sure you have all your health up before using the lift to 10.
Use the radio.
listen to the game sequence, it rocks.

A note about the control box.
You may have to guess messages.
You may have to play level 9 twice to get the sequence.
Guess the messages in the first round and after writing those down on second round enter the correct sequence.

Shades of doom 1.20 Guide EXTRA:
This stuff is stuff that didn't make it in the guide when it was first created.
I actualy managed to play the game once with all messages.
all except level1 has messages comming from monsters.
If you are in god mode the disterbances can be killed with the automatic gun.
most monsters can be killed by flamethrowers.
The last monster must be killed at the end of level 8 with fists.
The reason is you are close to the final teleport.
kill it otherwise and you could destroy everything.
the following could be a cheat.
when you insert the last wafer in the sequence in the control box, press enter twice.
Make sure you are right in front of the elevater when you start inputting the sequence in the control box.
push enter twice.
You will here.
"shutdown complete"
Unlocked" and you will go to level 10.

This is the end of shades of doom 1.20
This version is an upgrade to all other versions.
The next guide will come out when the next version with any major changes comes out.

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