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Shades of Doom - Tips and tricks

Trick 1 : easy points trick

To obtain the Shades Of Doom cheat codes you need to earn 20.000 points.
The cheats are different for each installation meaning that they're unique to each player. 
Thus, using someone other's codes will not work.
After you've earned 20,000 points, press CTRL+C and the game will generate a cheat text file.
You can find this file (Cheats.txt) in the Shades of Doom game folder.

Here's a tip to make it easier to reach the 20.000 points:
Get to level 8 and use the teleporter to go back to level 1.
This way you can collect 20,000 points more easily.

(ps: you can also buy the cheats for your copy of the game at GMA Games, for $5.00)

Trick 2 : How to get stuck in a wall 

This is very simple:
1. Go until a wall is in front of you.
2. Press ctrl+z and type: 4896153 (this turns all cheats on)
3. Take one or two steps forward (walking sound must be different)
4. Now you are in the wall
5. Press ctrl+z and type 4896153 again (this turns all cheats off).
6. Now you are in the wall and can't go nowhere, when you don't activate a cheat again.

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