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Shades of doom,the complete hacked, cracked and ripped guide.
version 1.0.

Hi all this is a new guide of stuff mostly random for shades of doom.
This overrides the other guides.
I am going to post to blindgamers so everyone gets it for purposes for whatever they exactly want.
I will post it also to the people who are on my strat file.
I think it will bee up on columbus for others, although I don't know what is exactly happening with that as i don't go there.
I have forgotten the address of audiogames.net where I can send the file which loses grately.

And now where is the contents.
Where is it.
I can't bee bothered mainly because you have to skip through it.
I'll number stuff.
here are the general parts.
part 1 intro, tips, fun games.
also discussed in here the use of cheats to learn new stratogies.
part 2, the actual game play.
Note: this is will bee done in god mode.
Mainly for my benifit so I don't have to time, stop, time and hope.

and games.
You may just like to shoot guns with a automatic gun, when they shoot you shoot back.
This gets boring though.
Shooting anything with a long range laser is fun though.
Cutting any monster, including blobs with chainsaws.
Notice. the following section is about the boss in level 9.
Yeah I know I jump around to here and back but Every so often I am not fast enough.
So when I get to the last teleporter in level 8 it sort of has decided to disappear  on me.
To kill the boss just keep shooting and moving or just go close, enguage god and drop a tone of mines.
If you are in god mode and wait.
You can try running back but there is a chance he might move
also you can't destroy the control box, but you can blow it way, way around the base as its happened to me a couple times.


the more powerfull the weapons, the less amo they will have, and the more powerfull weapons have disadvantages and advantages.
here is a list.
The least powerfull, no amo.
Ok in a fight but its not fast in some situations.
manual through to auto gun.
The faster the shot the more amo.
chainsaw, same speed as knife, more deadly.
But you don't have much amo.
laser gun. ok speed.
quite good but range is shorter than the autogun.
bio disrupter.
long range, but just like the flamethrougher its slow as.
you can bust stuff with flames or laser but both have not much amo in them.
Bee carefull how and when you use your weapons.
You must bee able to switch around very fast.
your guns may not get a target.
you just have to keep switching till one does.
even when a monster is 20 feet away the auto gun may not target.
Generaly the ranges of the weapons are.
knife 5 feet.
so is chainsaw.
flame thrower 28 feet.
The rest have a range from 15-30 feet.
I think the disrupter you can shoot from 40 or 50 feet away.
laser is around 20 feet.

Medkits will not fix you, there is a gamble if a kit will fix you.
Try to survive on as little health as you can.
Save and load.
If you have the kits you can use cofee machines to decrese your health percentage and ramp up the base points.
This may help you if you get stuck and have to nuke something at close range.
However you will need a kit straight after as you are alive but barely.

Note, some situations can bee bypassed if you don't need them.
eg, the pit in level 1, the sewer in level 5 or the electric door in level6.
and the portal in level4.
and the bird chamber, toilets, etc.

As we continue in the game I will explain to you what to not do and do.

part 2.  the game.

Here is the guts of it all.

What is it about.
If you have read the manual and listened to the trailer you ywill know you have been sent because a secret military base has stopped communications for unknown reasons.
You will also know that when accessing the computers at said base a half finnished report and a shutdown icon.

So you have to shutdown the base.
Collect as many data wafers or chips as you can.
White, green, yellow and blue.
Record the messages as you find them.
This game except for sewers and pits has no non avoidable obstructions like in audio quake, lava, slime or fire.
Most can bee shot moved, jumped over or just plain avoided.

There are mad scientists that have to die or they will steal your stuff.
These guys will walk through walls.
They steal your stuff.
You have to kill them quick.
They are a pain.
There is also a monster called a tempral disterbance refured now on as td.
The td will transport you around.
But he is a pain.
You should mine him.
Unless you have 2000 amo.
another monster is the blob.
he is slow but can bee mined or shot.
He will eat you if he finds you though.
He needs a load of amo.
most levels have at least one or 2 on them.
tds are on a few levels after 5 that is every one has a td except 9.
Humans and dogs, the weakest ones are easy to kill but appear in numbers dogs are the worst.
Cyborgs.  Easy to kill with an automatid.
Some have weapons so it gets harder.
Then there is the rat, small flamable and when they chew you you don't lose any health.

This guide will show you.
1.  powerups, although saying this medkits are not always on a location, some are carried buy monsters.
Some of these are garanteed  some are not.
Monsters can attack in threes too.
There are also some substantual amo drops, and traps.
This guide will not show you the following.
1.  where to go.
To be honest I sort of lost interest where you go.
I can't realy bee bothered realy.
I will just lose interest and that will bee the lose.
Some drops are random also.
If you see something pick it up.
There are some wafer drops around but its all mixed with random junk.
Ocationaly sertain monsters will have stuff and those will bee mentioned.
The order of message inserting can't bee told as thats random.
I can tell you where a message is though.
On level 7 there is no message so you have to guess.
You don't need the messages realy yoou just need to save.
Saving after a major boss is a good thing.
If stuff shifts randomly in some parts, I may note them but I may not.
random events are ok but puting them is going to bee bad as.

Each level will have an objectives list.
I will allert the user with the * charactor if there is something interesting in this level.
There are secret areas too.

Warnings and copywrites.
This guide is freeware.
I don't care if you modify it only that if you wish to you have to send the modifications to me.
Why I did this was before when it was just public domain nothing was done realy.
No mods or anything, or mabe I'm being the lose.
This is one of the first games for the blind out.
There is no flashy ending.
And its still using old bits and tech.
The game is in the process of being updated.
When this happens I will have to upgrade the guide.
Probably I'll just put some modification to it.
Also note that for now this is going to bee the final version of the guide.
At least for now.
I havn't been the mood to actualy hack another one.
This is mainly because I just can't bee bothered realy.
I am now in a good mood to do stuff.

This game is done at easy level.
 I am also getting rid of the exe and zip formats.
There will bee two formats.
and unix text.
There will bee a zip with everything in it.
If there is interest I can make a linux .tar.gz file but I know you linux guys have zip and unzip capability because I have used linux.

Remember to put your screen reader to sleep or unload it before starting.
Remember if on a laptop to have an external key board.
And remember headphones.
And if you are a good player and want to record, remember to start your recording software.
The game takes around 3 hours to play.

Level 1 objectives.
Kill the monsters.
get wafers, get the chips.
remember to turn off your scope when you start, only have the scope on during battles, this will conserve power.
Fast electric machine room 1.
second door from alarm  room and startlevel.
There is usualy 3 monsters here.
There are some powerups.
There is a small amo drop sometimes here.
random powerups.
This level is a knife level.
You will not need to shoot anything this is garanteed, till the last door.
note, someware in this level the scientist wil apear.
He will get sneaker in other levels.
However once shot and killed he will leave you allone for a level or 2 before attacking.

Room, with steel fan sound, sounds like a sircular room, its the pit room.
The pit is not needed.
 * power alert.
There are perminant powerups here.
there is 1 or 2 monsters guarding the room.
Sometimes there is no powerups here but this is vary seldom.
Big fan room.
there a load of powerups here.
there are also a random number of monsters, usualy 5.
3 guard the enterence and 1 or 2 guard the end.
There is powerups but just amo.
There is a good mine, which we will use.
Mines can destroy stuff you don't want to bee carefull.
Bio mines destroy life forms.
blast mines destroy walls and other crap too.
timed mines go off in 10 seconds.
prox mines need someone by them.
Passage attack.
Once you go south from the room of fan you will enter a small corrydoor.
There may bee monsters guarding passages.
If they die there is a good chance you can get a powerup or something.
Note also that dogs are the quickest monster.
** warning!
You are entering another steal fan room.
If you destroy the fan you will die.
There is a forcefield room off that.
There are various power ups here.
But there is trouble in form of humans and dogs.
Now we are At the end.
If you want to get the message.
Go down the passage and turn right.
there is another passage off the last passage, its a side passage.
go down it.
navigate around till you find the message.
then you have to blast the wall so you can get out.
drop a good mine.
Most of the messages you need to blast something.
lift room.
** there are amo pickups, weapons and a human with a gun here.
and the lift.
we now meet cyborgs.
and blobs.
kill blobs with amo or mines.
The second passage you come across is guarded buy one.
It should bee noted that robots cyborgs are a source for data chips.
Flush the toilet and die.
Place a mine on it  then wait till you have 2 seconds left, rrun backwards after flushing it.
make sure you know how to run and turn so you are at the exit.
The mine can kill you.
there is amo here.

fan room.
Kill everything.
there is powerups plenty here.
but a load of bad guys.
Also note, that I will only put objectives here when they change.
Returning to text.
Reminder note!
If you are reading this guide you should still have 70% on the scope.
Actualy mostly if the monster is in the centre you can guess with long range lasers, and short rang knives and saws.
But you have to target.
Once you get the target unless it moves, turn your scope off.

Radio room.
This room has a radio in it.
Or rather I call it a radio as its the sound of a radio tuning.
There is always a dog here.
There is always a powerup.
** alert, there are batteries here.
There is also med kits and amo depending on what monsters are in here.
There are data chips.
the monster has a mine usualy or something anyway.

Steal bell room.
Again this sounds like chimes.
There shouldn't bee much here bar a data chip but there is a monstr that has to die.
There is also a small alarm room.
There are loads of passages.
The alarm room has  a monster that will run away.
Kill him, there are bits and pieces here and a door.
Its random though.
Rumble rumbleroom.
** powerups alert
This is a rumbling room.
Its got a low rumble in it.
There are 2 monsters with gun.
There is armour and amo here.

Target and shoot before you die.

steal room.
This is yet another steal room

There are 4 monsters here and stuff to get.
Find your way to the message.
Again you have to destroy the wall.
However its in a hall.
Once you have cheats on you should use the blast alls feature.
Unless you have enough blast mines that is.
If you are not carefull with your mines you may get stranded.

Ok so find the last door.
You have to unlock this.
This is the lift.
Nothing to do here so just go for it.
If you were not paying atttention, then restart the game unless you want to die.
From here on in starting with the first room with 3 monsters, which is a passage.
its a **powerup and weapon room.
There is loads of stuff here.
However from now on in assume every monster has a weapon,.
There are also turrets.
Don't get in the way of one.

Here are guidelines.
If a monster is within 40-20 feet and does not fire at you he does not have a gun.
If he is 28 feet or less and does not fire at youthen he does not have a flamer.
At this point, unless he has the chainsaw which you have by the way you can kill him any way you wish.
the only added objectives here are secret areas.
There are also mazes and things.

Message room.
This room has the message in it and a fan.
For once I can call a room other than fan.
There is the message and usualy a monster.
There is a data chip with the message.
You can either blast it or find the first alarm room.
There is a button to push.
You have to backtrack so mark your positions.
Remember x will mark all exits for you.
Use it.
Sooner or later there will bee multipal exits and some of them will bee blocked.

put put put
This is the putputputput room
Or one of them.
its got monsters.
** there is a smal amo powerup here.
If you have been reading your saw will run out during a slaughter.
You need to switch to the knife or you die.
Use kits when needed.

multi exit passage.
There are 2 passages here.
I suggest you go left here.

Find the alarm rom.
there is a button here.
push it.
If you havn't gone to message, backtrack again the door will open.

another radio room.
There are monsters plenty here.
There are kits.
and maybe a chip for the doors.
there are 2 doors here.
another multi passage.
go right.
there is a fire ball somewhare on this coridoor.
when you find it, shoot it.
This is actualy a lame part.
When you ware alwed to shoot everything I thought you couldn't shoot fire.
In fact you shouldn't bee able to shoot fire.
You have to run through it.
the longer you are in it  the longer you burn.
Also we have gone the wrong way, its supposed to bee left, not right.
However we have destroyed a large part of the end level blocks.
beep room.
this is a beeeeeeeeep  beep beepbeep beep beep
There is nothing in here its got 2 parts.
This part is easy.
Walk around till you reach the small fan room.
Pick up everything.
Then turn around, there is a dead end.
Find your way to the end.
of level 3.
if you find your way to the smal fan room.
there is a wafer and amo and a bad guy.
However its not needed unless you can find it, that is.
It could bee almost termed a secret.
As I had great dificulty finding it sometimes.
Sometimes I just miss it.

LIft room.
Here is a lift.
But its locked.
You can either just use amo or.
if in god mode cut down a blob with a saw.
get the chip and you are done here.

Level 4.
The only objective is to destroy the birds.
we get flamers.
You have to find things and there is a secret level.
Monsters have guns.

There are mazes.

the first door is dogs.
kill the dogs how you wish.
Find the passage with the portal in it.
One of the doors is an amo drop.
There are birds in here.
Fast but deadly in a group.
there is only one here.

then there is a spassage with a lot of holes in it.
There are robots and a gun.
line it up.
then wait till it shoots at you.
Shoot back.
Shoot after the gun shoots you.
This is a fun thing to do.
somewear  in this level there is a power pack for the target scanner.

You are in a maze of twisty little passages all alike.
except for the right one which has a door at the end of it.
You will enter a small fan room.
there are various stuff here and birds in a group.
Shoot till you die or they die.
bee fast.

After this find the end there are monsters with guns.
There is another maze.

You will have to go right and  left a bit.
you will eventually find the lever.
unlock it and open it.

level 5.
This is the last easy level in the game.
On opening the first door you will get attacked by a guy with a gun.
Kill him.
this is the alarm room
** there is a powerup.
a gun and amo.
From time to time from now on rats and birds will attack you.
Mostly in groups.
Sometimes single.
Rat room.
There is a room of rats here.
Saw them.
or flame them.
if you have the flamer that is.
but you don't yet so hahahahahahahahahahahaha

robot room.
kill everything here.
There is nothing worth mentioning though.
Except a toilet.
We will tell you about toilet room soon.
it smells wroten of mutants.
And you will have to fight your way around.
there is a lot of monsters here.
shooting them down is the best.
Its hard when 2 are trying to kill from either side.
Flush the toilet and kill the rat.

radio room.
kill the birds before they kill you.
Trick as as they are realy close when you open the door.
room with the sewer.
This is a trap.
You don't need to go down it.
so don't bother opening it.
there is another rat room.
Kill the rats.
I realy will not mention every room with not much.
There is nothing of real value here.
If you hare reading then you are no longer able to use the saw due to no amo.
so use the knife until you get flamers.
teleport room.
There are 2 teleports here.
save then choose the right  one.
kill the bot, read the message and either blast thewall, or restore.
once you restore.
destroy the teleporter.
This is so you don't get confused.
alarm room.
there is a dog to kill.
Nothing here.
rumble rumblerumble
Yeas turrets and monsters again.
what fun.
** there is a bat pack and other goodies here.
including armour, guns a flamer and amo clips.
bird room.
nothing but a bird.
there is something else, a data chip.
Its of little importance though.

electric door.
Touch the door and die.
Find the teleporter.

leel 6.
We get anoiences like the 2 blobs attack and the td attacks.
we also get introduced to doors that auto close.
the x key needs to bee relyed on heavily from this point on.
There is stuff everywear.
there is bad guys too.
some rooms will contain nothing.
the td is random.
the blobs are also.
first room.
alarm as always.
there are powerups.
ANd the td just decided to attack us.
meaning we just don't have to chace him.
If you are not in god mode then you will bee somewhere else in the level which is bad for you.

Just out side of the door out of this room there is a teleport pad with 3 thingys on it.
Use how you want.
I never used it  but there it is.
One of the monsters has a power pack for the long range and short range laser.
Kill it.
Its a rat.
Get everything then move on.
we arive at a cofee machine.
It increases your health points.
Try it till you can't phisically go below 12% this means you are high as.
You will bee harder to kill.
Just have loads of kits.
the higher your health the better the points.
you can get around 10 % of health if you try high enough.
After that you can'get any lower.
Now use every kit you have.
you should get ot 80.
There are a lot of rooms here.
the one worth mentioning here is steal fan room 2, not fan room or bell as there is nothing it those.
The steal room has amo.
on the exit from this room, there are 2, so second one a rat may just decide to chew you.
Kill him and get a prox mine.
then beep room.
rats and mines among other goodies.
thenthere is another alarm room with nothing.
apon  exiting a rat may chew you.
kill him and more loot.
sewer room.
This room is where you whould have gone if you had fallen through the sewer.
There are bad guys but nothing realy here.
There is however a robot and a long range laser.
small fan room.
a monster with armour upgrades.
then we find our first auto closing door.
and a rat.
shortly after the next room which is nothing realy.
a scientist may steal stuff.
 kill him quickly.
there is a message.
walk to the wall and push enter and yes a door, a secret level.
find the way to the lift.
level 7.
There are fantom chips in the last 2 levels they don't open anything.
There is no message on this level.
You are in steal room 1.
we get introduced to the silent walker who needs to die because he makes me lose concerntration
this is the last of the alarm room levels.
there is a prox mine here.
weird hum room.
Flamed rat time.
Flame the rats.
get the loot.
there is a td around this level.
from now on every time you come to a door turn on your scope, open it, enter the room and if nothing, turn it off.
radio room.
another turret is here.
when you exit the room there is also another turret.
Both are close range so can't bee played with.
a steal room.
number 2.
nothingof interest is here.
the next room beep and nothing here either.
alarm room, nothing here just someone to kill.
I am getting bored already.
open the next door to electric room.
and there is a scientist trying to run away.
kill him.
fan room with blob in it.
blob has amo loads of it.
exit that room.
there is a bot somewhere  around the level.
He has a gun.
a short range laser, there are actualy 2 bots.
kill them get the amo clips and guns.
liitle rumble room.
There is a mine here.
small fan room, there is a turret at close range here.
electric madchine room.
there is amo and a bad guy and something to destroy.
long range is good here.
Oh no here is a td.
But we here him before he knos us.
drop a prox blast, back out and close the door.
He will search for us and die.
thats a random thing.
I havn't actualy been able to do that easily like i just did.
open the next door.
a blank room.
and a gun, and we can back up and play with it.

Then elevator.
you have to blast the door.
you will have 2 phantom chips here.
drop them.
the last level is timed.
Get through as fast as you can or the boss will disappear and you can
't get to level 9.
Tip one of the teleporters is hiding something.
there is a major amo stash in a beep room somewhere.
we may keep scopes on now as we have juce enough now.
and its not long now.
steal room 1.
rats and nothing
bell room.
monsters with guns and others without are here.
steal room 2 has nothing.
radio room 1 has monsters.
fan room 1 has monsters and exiting has a scientist.
electric room 1 has nothing.
beep room 1 has powerups and blobs.
** the blob has the amo.
exit and move on.
and oh no a td is here.
You can mine him.
But you can destroy him. go god mode and use an automatic.
The last rooms.
go through the left door at the end of the passage.
get everything you can, destroy the teleporter and get the message.
alarm room 2.
get everything and kill everything.
there are bat packs.
low rumble room.
shoot and kill everything.
destroy the equipment to get armour.

level 9
go god and drop every mine you have.
or just shoot it out with the boss.
Then get the control box and put everything in save before you do this and get the right sequence.
And then you are done.
Note the ending isn't spectacular. the computer crashes after start sound begins to play.
After which you are asked if you want to play again.
Thats the end of the guide.

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