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Shades of Doom Cheats

Cheat 1 (submitted by Thomas Geczy):

When at the difficulty levels, select Easy. When asked for training mode, turn it on.
Then load your saved game. This way monsters will stop moving.

if you are going to the next level, this will be turned off.

Cheat 2 (submitted by Thomas Geczy):

Want to turn all the cheat codes in Shades of Doom in a swoop with one cheat code?
Well here is how to do this:

1. press control plus z.
2. type 4896153.
3. Now, all the cheats will be turned on. (you still need to have the cheat codes!)

note: if you don't have the cheats, you can still use this cheat and this also works
in the demo mode of the game. I tryed it in GMA Tank Commander, and it worked.
They both use the same game engine, so it works in any GMA products that supports cheat codes.

Cheat 3 (submitted by Thomas Geczy):

Want to have unlimited lifes in shades of doom? And you don't want to use the cheat codes?
Then, here is a great cheat to have unlimited lifes in shades of doom. Make sure you have a
bio disrupter otherwise this cheat won't work. Here are the steps:

step 1. make it to the end of a level. for example, make it till the elevator at level 1.

step 2. walk into the elevator, so, just go into the elevator. Now, you must have a
bio distrupter and activate it on yourself. note: do! not! repeat, *do *not use a time
in classifier! That will damage the elevator, and, than... no next level for you.

step 3. so, activate it, wait till the you here yourself screaming, and while you scream,
press enter to close the door of the elevator and go to the next level! ok, now you should
be on the next level. press the letter [l] to hear your current health. Like in Pacman Talks
you should hear this: "health left". So, no number!

step 4: press y to save your game!

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