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Self Destruct Cheat Codes:

"spare me!" - unlimited health.
"locked and loaded!" - infinet energy.
"I am unstoppable!" - infinet moves.
"I feel the need. The need for speed!" - make all Urchins move two times faster.

The following cheats were sent in by Jeff Rutkowski:

"embrace your death urchins!" - Kill all urchins on the level
"night of the living dead!" - Bring all urchins back to life
"ahh, this is borring!" - Warp to any level of the game
"eat this you fowl creatures!" - Unlimitted urchin mines
"give me my key!" - Get your key
"Activate the portal!" - Activate portal to bonus level
"Give me my stuff back!" - Keep your inventory even when you complete a level
"Open the door!" - Open the door to the safe room

Make sure you include all characters between the quotes.

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