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Pipe 2: Blast Chamber Cheats

Blast Chamber is full of cheats that  let you do all kinds of hyper-nifty stuff inside the game.
Cheats are special items, abilities, etc. that you can activate in the game by typing in codes.
We will list the available cheats below but in order for you to get the codes on how to activate
them, you must play normal difficulty and obtain a score of 2.5 million or higher. If you play
normal difficulty and get a score of 2.5 million or higher, a file named game_cheats.txt will be
written to the pipe2 Blast Chamber folder that you can open up and view all the codes to activate
the cheats.

Note: game cheats are not available/cannot be used in demo mode, they are only for registered users.
If you use a cheat in the game, you cannot play past level 14 and you cannot post your score to the
top ten scoreboards. The available cheats in the game are as follows:

* make all levels side scrollers
* Start game with all special items
* ability to walk extremely fast on side scroller levels
* ability to jump for a long time on side scroller levels
* unlimited ammo
* unlimited welding kits
* flame thrower to use on side scroller levels to shoot / burn up barrels and sewer lids
* get a machine gun instead of your normal gun
* use a grenade to blow up/set all toolbox pipes to 1 and number of hammer hits to 1
* unlock all toolboxes automatically
* turn off all pipe water
* turn off electricity on electricity levels
* ability to create your own stairs on the fly and accept/decline them

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