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Monkey Business Walkthroughs

Check out these official walkthroughs for Monkey Business from the Adora Entertainment website:

Walkthrough submitted by Lee Davies (Sparky).

In this walkthrough Iwill be telling you the gamer how to get safely through the acid level plus throwing in a few little extra hints about other levels.

So, you've just reached the acid level. standing were you are you walk forward until you hear the sound of mud, on the first two acid pits there are three mud steps before it's lights out.
Having walked to the extreme edge of the pit hold down the left shift key and take one step to the right. Note #1, if you do not take this very important step you will reach the tunnel at the end with less than half of your health because of snake bites. fter you have taken this step to the right hold down the control, alt and up key which will make smith jump.
Note #2, while jumping you must continuously press down the up arrow, holding t down does not work. So, you've reached the other side, walk forward until you have taken another hree muddy steps and repeat the jump instructions.
Note #3, you will need to repeat  them four times until you get past the acid pits. So, you've jumped three acid pits and should be feeling pretty good about yourself right about now. Take steps forward until you reach the next acid pit, when tackling this you can only take 2 steps on the mud until you die.
Repeat the jump action furiously pressing down the up arrow as those pits are quite large.
Walk forward taking two muddy steps at the end and jump over your last pit. After you have successfully landed your navigator will then blip when you go to see what is to the front left and right of you.
At this point press the right shift key and the down arrow. This will turn you around. You are to then press down and hold! the left control alt and down arrow key. These will make smith crouch and walk backwards meaning that he will avoid being dispatched by any poison arrows fired from wall to wall.
This part will take you some time as only after the arrows have reached the other side will you be transported to the next part of the corridor.
When you have got past your very last arrow you will be transported into a chamber where a cave in is about to occur, which you should have been prepared for if you listened to the proffessor's initial message at the start of the game.
The easiest way of kombating this is to turn around using right shift and down arrow, side step to the left until you hit wall, then walk rapidly backwards until you hit a wall again, then side step quickly to the right until you hit another wall, and then run backwards very very fast, the cave in will get louder and louder if you dilly dally, and will only stop sounding until you here the foot-falls and noises of the monkeys.
The only information i can give you for this section is collect as many coins as you can.
Note #4, it would help to have your object locator on at this time.
After you have got the coins and collected the monkeys, you then need to collect some rocks and deposit them into bowls that are sittuated around the main chamber.
Much more of this section i cannot tell, but if you are still having difficulty go to the audio games forum and look at the previous posts put up mostly by me asking for help, there you will find plenty of info on what you need to do smile.

Now, i will not boar you with a surf 'n' turf walkthrough here as there already is one, in this part Iwill merely pass on a few little tricks that i have found.
Trick one, in the walkthrough it says that after you take three steps off of the bridge press the right arrow three times and this will position you in front of the stairs. However if you press the right arrow four times it reads out ledge, walk forward over the ledge and you will be safely on the beach, at co-ordinates 17.09 i think, if this is the case take steps forward until you reach co-ordinates 22.09 then using the left shift key and the right arrow take side steps until you reach co-ordinates 22.64, at this point you will pick up the metal detector for picking up coins.
Note #5, You may have to walk around slightly to locate the metal detector.

Trick two, you've found the metal detector, now if your forward scanner comes back reading ocean or coin then if you press the left or right arrow continuously and after each press, press the end key until you hear stairs begin to walk forward.
These stairs are infact those that lead up to captain monkey's ship lol.

Trick three, if you want to get out of that level with as many lives that you went in with then i give you this advise, catch captain monkey on the ship before you go coin picking, then if you venture too far east wards you won't get a cannonball shot at you.

Again, if these tricks or walkthrough notes do not help go to the audiogames forum and look up the past posts put up and use them to see if you can get through any difficult spots.

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