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Light Cars - Lifes Cheat

Submitted by Robin24:

I've just discovered a way to get as many lifes as you want in Light Cars. Because I think that's a nice cheat, I'll describe it here now:
Step 1: Start Light cars.
Step 2: Start a new game and select the car and the difficulty level you want.
Step 3: Save this game by pressing f2 and exit the game and the program.
Step4: Go to your Light Cars directory (for example c:\\Program Files\\Lighttech Interactive\\Light Cars) and open the file Savegame.dat with Notepad or another texteditor. Now you'll se a file that looks like this:


the text you'll se might have different numbers, but that doesn't matter. Now search for the following: [`?x where x is the number of lifes you have in the saved game. If you didn't loose any lifes in the saved game, search for [`?5 and change the number to whatever you want. That's it! Now you can load the saved game and press l to hear the number of lifes you have. Have fun with this cheat! :-)

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