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Hunter - tips!

Here are some tips for Hunter (submitted by Juan):

When walking throughout the swamp, (level 2), if you listen to the waterfall, you can press the left and up arrow keys or the right and up arrow keys, depending on the side that you are moving to, press the fordward key and that key rapidly to save some time.

Also, in the vine level, (the last, number 10), to stop the annoying noise of the waterfall, when the vine is swinging, press the P key two times to pause and rapidly unpause the game and silent the waterfall.

In the gnapper bugs level (level 4), if you listen a gnapper bug in the center of the screen, don't be afraid trying and failing killing them, because if you try to find the center when the area is not very clear of the gnapper bugs, you will be desesperated and insane, finding your way. So to avoid this, if the area is full of them, just pressing your up arrow key you can reach instantly the center of the screen. If one of the sides is clear, you must first kill the gnapper bug in which you are targeted on and them move to the cleared side. Try to move your cursor back and forth so you can easily find the center of the screen.

In climbing volume (level 7), you will sometimes encounter a rattlesnake. When this happens, press the opposite key (of where you are going). For example, if you are climbing up, and you suddenly hear the rattlesnake, press the down arrow key one or two times.
Also, count the coconuts. With the first coconut there's no rattlesnake. At the second coconut, almost at the end of its fall, there is a rattlesnake. The third coconut is clear. With the fourth, in the middle of its fall, there is another. Staying on the coconut's fall until the rattlesnake appears is the best way. And be quick!

In level 8 (Quest for Treasure), when you listen to a coin almost in front of you, always press the space bar so you can ensure that the coins are clear.

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