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Grizzly Gulch Extra Game Options

(which are not in the manual)

submitted by Dr. Freeman

1. Target range:

When you're asked for another try, press the s-key. You should hear the sound of a coin,
like in the shellgame. Now, at the end of a round, your score (hit bottles) will be announced.
To turn it off,  press the s-kay again. You should hear the sound of a bottle breaking.

2. Increase Game Speed:

You can increase the game speed by pressing the f12-key up to 12 levels. You can decrease the
game speed by pressing the f11-key. To set the game speed to zero, press the f10-key.

This is neither described in the manual, nor on the bavisoft's website. Some people in the forum
had problems with that, especially during a gunfight.

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