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SoundSupport's Drive / Sneller tricks!

Here are some tips on how to reach higher scores in Drive (and Sneller):

tip 1: save up your boosters!
Activate a booster only when you hear the three beeps that indicatie that the current shift is almost over.

tip 2: make Bob sick!
If you are driving in the 6th or 7th shift press the spacebar to brake.
Hold the spacebar untill you hear Bob making a comment about it. Then immediately press the gas again!
It's best to brake just after you've activated a booster and when you've got a few boosters in your pocket.
This way you can get back in the 6th or 7th gear very fast.
If you do this 3 times, Bob will become sick and puke all over your shuttle. This is quite funny but it gives
you a lot of points as well!

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