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Chillingham - Cheats

Cheat #1: Location cheat

You can change your location in the game and heree are the steps how to do that:

Step 1:
Open, in your default Chillingham directory, the file "saves#.dat".

Step 2:
The third digit represents your location. By editing this digit you can change
your location. For example: if this digit is 14, you are at the end of the game.

Here are just some numbers and their locations:

10 = the tomb
11 = the hermit home
12 = the library
13 = the iron gate

Other people may search for other numbers above 10. I only did 14 to 10. So
Please send in some more to fill this list!

Submitted by Thomas Geczy

Cheat #2: F5 key cheat

Somebody said that if you pressed the key F5, you could catch the frog.
Well, I've discovered that the key will also let you get the Hermitting book
without going through the matching. You can also pass monster battles.
Just wait until you here a monster, then press the function key F5.
It takes a few seconds, but, on my grandmother's comp, it works.

Submitted by Chillingham Freak

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