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All In Play Poker - Beat The Bot Cheat

There's a cheat to speed up the process of beating the bots and winning 2000 chips (500 for free trial users).

1. If you have the opportunity to bankrupt the two computer opponents, right-click on the ". Beat the Bots:"-link.
2. Choose "save target as" and save the file to your hard disk. It should have the extension ".allpkr".
In case you don't have the "save target as"-option, you have to follow the link. The game will start. Close it again, go back to the Poker main page and try again saving the file.
3. Open the file with notepad or another text editor.
4. The file contains the settings for the play against the computer opponents. Search for a string "firstroundlimit". You should find "firstroundlimit=50". This is your limit of chips, you can at most
raise during the first round. Change the number after the "=" up to 500 (recommended).
5. Next in the file, there's the limit for the second round "secondroundlimit=100". Change this number to 1000.
6. Finally, there is the number of computer opponents "numbots=2". Change that to "numbots=1".
7. Save the file and run All inPlay Poker by pressing Enter on the file. The game should start and use your settings.
8. If you're sure to win the current hand, raise the maximum chips, rather the chips the bot has left, and wait for the game to close down.

Note: You only can use this procedure one time. To repeat it, you have to repeat all the steps.

Submitted by Ralf Hoermann

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