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Light Cars

title:Light Cars
download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Lighttech interactive
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Welcome to light cars, ---- the only racing game which gives you the experience of driving a very fragile car up a narrow road in the wrong direction, while other motorists carelessly barrel along trying to turn you into a one car pile up.

Light cars is actually a free remake of an old Tetris console game, with a concept that's very symple, but can be fiendishly difficult in practice. After choosing one of four cars from the speedy but unstable light car to the slow but relyable Lego car, you must move into the left, right or central lanes of the road to avoid the oncoming cars.

the more you avoid, the faster the traffic gets, the higher level you reach, and the more points you wrack up. As with many arcade style games, the game has local top ten scoring, and the ability to send your scores to the Lighttech scoreboards for world wide competition.

but of course, there is more to the game than that! firstly, you can play in either classic tetris mode, which remakes the original game with arcade style sound effects and music, or in arcade mode which adds many extras such as evil sounding holes in the road, a shoot the birds bonus game, power ups like engine repairs and a laser gun, and the possibility of your car skidding all over the place without warning!

With completely customizable controls, atmospheric music, and the possibility to use a gamepad, the basic nuts and bolts of this game are also solid. tuukka Ojalla has also created a profile to play light cars with logitech rumble pad 2 pads (though it might work with other pads), which you may download here

To find out more about Lighttech interactive and their games you can Visit the Lighttech page on the Audiogames archive site

happy crashing!


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