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Crypt Shyfter

title:Crypt Shyfter
download page:No link!
platform:Online, web browser
features:text, visuals
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Somewhere out in the multiverse, there is a world of might and magic and amazingly terrible puns. A world where barbarians, gunslingers, martial artists and anyone who is an ultimate badass fights a continual war against the ever shifting hoards of the dreadful Shyfters, a world of daring do, high adventure and lots and lots of Pizza! Welcome to crypt Shyfter, a universe comprising thus far 24 gamebooks and one rpg which let you slaughter your way through ravening hoards of evil, save silly peasants from a variety of things they can't cope with, eat cracking amounts of pizza, wear totally badass looking cool barbarian/martial artist/space cadette/gun slinger weapons and armour and generally be a righteously awesome force of heroic awesomenss all from the comfort of your favourite web browser.

The games are extremely easy to play and about as accessible as they come, just march through the links and hit to make choices (use the buttons at the top of the page to go back or save or just for navigation). Some (especially the rpg legend of Azmar), feature a bit of miner stat tracking, but generally speaking you just need to bask in the atmosphere, and let your glorious legend unfold.

Though contained within the same universe, and often featuring call backs to past adventures or even sillier references, the games comprise thus far several different series and styles, from fantasy, to space adventure, to the tales of the weird west, though fortunately Kfsb has a list on his website explaining the order of the games and how best to play them,

The games are organised into several collections by theme, ranging from the kungfu legends pack, to the Weird west pack and are priced between 2 usd, and 19 usd for the full collection (which also gives access to all future Crypt Shyfter adventures).

For anyone wanting to get a taste of awesome badassery, you can Find the Crypt Shyfter preview pack here which comprises 5 adventures ranging from moonlight, a fantasy quest to defeat an evil witch whose turning people into scarecrows, to limerick, a weird west tale of a gunslinger paladin (not named Rowland of gilliad), who gets to battle evil in a frontier town complete with six guns, to legend of the dreadnoughtss, a truly epic martial arts mystical quest comprising travel across many distant lands with epic battles against evil spirits.

Those who purchice the full crypt shyfter collection should bare in mind Crypt Shyfter quest is a roguelike using ascii graphics so is not screen reader friendly.

With humerus writing, a surprisingly complete universe, lots of pizza and the chance to battle a giant fire breathing t rex with rocket launchers for arms, anyone who loves old school style fantasy and adventures that poke fun at narrative cliche even as they revel in the shear overthetop heroness of it all is definitely recommended to give Crypt Shyfter a try.


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