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All inPlay five card draw poker

title:All inPlay five card draw poker
download page:link
genre:Social game hub
features:sound, visuals
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Sadly All in play vanished from the internet some time in 2014 and their current status is unknown.

Five card draw poker is another popular varient of the game, and now made accesible thanks to Allin play, it can be played in competition style online against other human opponents or bots if nobody is available to play.

Compared to the traditional Texus Holdem, the rules of five card draw poker are very symple. You are dealt five cards followed by a round of betting. You can then choose to swap any number of cards in your hand for more, after which follows a round of betting once again until everyone gives in or until there is a showdown with the best hand winning.

Sinse the game has fully visible graphics, as well as output to Jaws, window eyes or ms sapi should you not have either of those screen readers (just set your preferance in the options page), it is possible to play with any level of vision, and to make friends, discuss stratogy or just laugh at someone when you take all their chips with the text chat system.

Best of all, you can throw as many chips around as you wish, sinse the game is played with specific allinplay Poker chips rather than with real cash, and should you loose all of these, a trip to the Allinplay Chip fountain will restore them, ---- though you can buy large amounts in the Allinplay store as well if you wish.

An allinplay subscription costs 7.99 usd a month, and with that you get access to all five Allinplay games, Locom locution< the anagram game, Crazy eights and Texus Holdem poker

You can Read the manual here To get a clearer view of the game.

and here a review here for blind cool tech

thanks goes to Dean wilcox for extra information about this game.


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