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Word Strain Volume 1

title:Word Strain Volume 1
download page:link
genre:Word Games
developer:BSC Games
features:text, sound
last edit by:Dark


WordStrain consists of two word games:

  • Word Blast is an exciting game in which you are presented a word, and you must come up with another word that can be made using only the letters of the given word. At first, you have a substantial amount of time to type in a word. But play for long enough, and you'll be racking your brain trying to beat the clock! With over 100000 words in its library you're certain to have hours of fun!
  • Word Jitter, the second game, will drive you crazy forming words! You are given a scrambled word, and you must beat the clock and unscramble it to form a real word. Sound easy? After swapping letter after letter you'll probably agree with us that its one of the most challenging and fun word games you've played! Its massive library of over 22000 words will have you unscrambling again and again!

Have fun with this educational freeby from BSC Games!

Though Bsc closed down in 2013, all of their games have been made abandonware thanks to Dan Zingaro, and they're now available on the above page on the audiogames archive.


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