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Rail Racer

title:Rail Racer
download page:link
genre:Racing Games
developer:Blind adrenalin simulations
release:June 2007
last edit by:Dark


Rail Racer is the first game from Blind Adrenaline. In a future where most of the world's population have become blind, the sport of Rail racing becomes the new craze in technical high speed, high prophit, entertainment.

Unlike in a conventional racing game, in rail racer you are racing along a single rail against your opponents on their own rails (like a multi track roller coaster).   The game uses a variety of control methods including the mouse and or keyboard to control your vehicle. The mouse or keys are used like an accelerator pedal, so you push up for more acceleration, pull back for less, and you shift with the left and right mouse buttons or keys. As loops in the track and speed draining force fields play a large part in the track design, proper accelleration isn't just a matter of hammering down the peddle and hoping for the best.

To turn through track curves, you must time your key presses or precisely lean your racer with the mouse.  The skill here comes in properly timing your lean so you enter the turn with the right amount of lean, and exit the turn as you straighten up, the better your timing, the higher your speed out of the turn.

but that's just the basic nuts and bolts of the gameplay. In your career as a Rail racer you have to manage fuel, racing fees and perchice upgrades, customize your racer for different sorts of track, and build up your cash and experience so that you can unlock more difficult tracks

choose to race against an artificially intelligent racer called Art for a fixed cash prize, or compete online against other human players, betting your hard urned racing prophits on the outcome of the race. Blind adrenaline also regularly host racing tournaments and other rail racer events as well.

And if all this isn't enough, you can use the in built track editer to create your own racing tracks, or download others from the blind adrenaline site to test your skills on as well.

Additional resources

A game trailer is available on http://www.blindadrenaline.com/railRacer/RailRacerDemo.mp3

And you can go here for the game forum. To download additional tracks for the game, visit the user tracks page and you can find the tournaments page here.


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