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GMA Tank Commander

title:GMA Tank Commander
download page:link
genre:Simulation games
developer:GMA Games
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Gma tank commander is a first person war simulation game developed by Gma games with some in put from Phil Vlasac of pcs as well. As you might imagine, in the game you'll be driving around in a fully armoured, heavily armed modern tank, fighting off hoards of enemy vehicles and troopers as you attempt to complete your vital mission.

The game has a fully first person audio interface, meaning you can drive your tank in any direction you like, though fortunately due to the extensive navigation features and very friendly audio interface you shouldn't ever be lost.

You have a huge variety of weapons at your disposal, all of which may be useful in different situations. These include standard shells which arc up and drop onto the targit causing a wide zone of damage, a machine gun for close range work, armour piercing rounds and several canisters of smoke to provide camouflage. You also have three different sorts of missiles available going from heat seakers (great for grounding those annoying enemy helicopters), missile interceptors to save you from in coming fire, and six devastating cruse missiles for when you really need that extra punch.

Targiting beeps and a variety of audio scan options will tell you the location of your enemies, meaning it's just left up to you to decide where to fire.

Gma tank commander is more than just a blasting fest however, sinse as you move through the six sectors of the enemy controlled peninsula, you'll have missions to complete. These can range from destroying enemy intelligence bases, to picking your way through a mine field or destroying enemy amo trucks in a fortified town. On the two final missions, you'll even find yourself commanding six other tanks as well, testing your strategical skills as well as yourquick reactions on the trigger.

The game has many hotkeys for reviewing the world around you and for controlling your tank, so it's very much recommended you read the manual carefully (there is even a mini walkthru in the manual if your really stuck). The huge amount of review keys however, rather than making the game confusing, provide several different ways of accomplishing the same task meaning the game is very adaptable to different people's playing styles.

Sinse everything is self voicing, no screen reader is needed, and in fact the sounds and music in the game are exceptional, everything from the sounds for different weapons and enemy vehicles, to the ambience of the environment is replicated in rich and atmospheric detail meaning you'll feel as if your in the drizling rain and freezing mud of a war zone without actually being there.

You can try a demo version of the game, which will let you play for ten minutes on the first sector only (the demo ends should you exit the first sector). To buy, Gma tank commander costs 35 Dollars.

Additional resources.

As one of the land mark releases in audio games, Gma tank commander has gathered a lot of interest. The first review of the game was made by Kelly sepergia for the acb radio podcast main menue, and can be Heard here

Another review by Thomas Leonard was recorded for Blind cool tech and can be Downloaded here

A full audio playthru of the game on all difficulties recorded in 2006 by Raul gillegos can be found HEre on Raul's asmodian page

A recent demonstration of the game by the group Pg13 can be Found here

With fantastic atmosphere and gameplay, Gma tank commander is one of the land mark games in audio, and therefore is deffinately a title not to miss.

To find out more about Gma games and their titles, you can visit The Gma games page on the Audiogames archive site


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