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Galaxy Ranger

title:Galaxy Ranger
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genre:Strategy Games
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Galaxy ranger is a fantastic scifi audio stratogy and action game from Vip gameszone. As a galaxy Ranger, it is your duty to defend the planets of your galaxy from aggressive enemy civilizations who wish to land on and conquer them. To aide you in your defence you have a factory where, ---- once you have the correct amount of minerals, you can develope robotic weapons for both defence and attack. unfortunately, the enemy forces also have exactly the same resources at their disposal, so now the fait of the planets comes down to a sternstrategical contest of who can most quickly and efficiently build and use their batle robots.

The game is played in a 99x99 square grid, and game objects, ---- such as the various sorts of robotic troops you pilot, all move in the eight cardinal directions, north, northeast etc, ---- similarly to a queen in chess.

In the base you can use a variety of spoken menues to switch betwene your different robot types, or go to the factory where (assuming you have enough minerals), you can build more.

once you select a robot type, you can switch betwene the number of robots of that type you have and so individually control and give orders to them as they carry out your battle plans. though some activities such as moving in a single direction, mining for and transporting of minerals to the factory and scanning for enemies are well within your robots' limited artificial intelligence capacities, other activities such as using weapons or shields to attack, or defend themselves against enemy robots require your personal supervision. It is therefore necessary for you to quite literally call all the shots.

Worker robots can mine minerals, and trucks can transport them to the facotry. Some robots such as soldiers, tanks and crusers can roam freely throughout the board searching for enemy robots, and of course the enemy base. Being robots, their capacities for battle are limited, thus a tank for example can only search for and attack enemy tanks, soldiers and scouts. A good deal of stratogy is therefore required to decide what robots will best support each other in the field.

Artilliary units such as electronic guns and rockit plants work on a similar precise batling system. Though they cannot move once placed on the squares around your base, they can only search for certain types of enemy, ---- space crusers and scouts in the case of rockit plants for example. These defensive measures are totally necessary however, sinse if any of the enemy units reach your base, they can destruct and do major damage from the descrition of all of your workers or minerals, to the entire distruction of your base and loss of the game.

As has been said, you need to be an alert commander, sinse when your robots discover enemy units they will not attack directly, but send messages to your base. It's up to you to recieve that message and take direct control of each robotic army unit and direct it's weapons, ---- making certain not only to aime them correctly but also to sute the specific sort of weapon to the targit, discovery of enemy units before they surprise you is theirefore vitally important, and the chief duty of your scouts, ---- that and discovery the enemy base itself, so that you can launch a major offensive).

Galaxy ranger therefore combines detailed military stratogy, with quick fire sterrio targiting action sequences in the use of weapons, which can make for a surprisingly addictive game.

Everything is completely self-voicing, and not only do you have the oppertunity of playing against the computer on various levels of difficulty, and sending your scores to the Vip gameszone for maximum competition, but you can also connect to and play against other human players directly across the internet, ---- which can make for some truly epic battles!

The demo mode of the game will let you try out all in game functions of galaxy ranger for a maximum of three days. To use it, copy the demo mode password into the register box, and activate the Demo mode option before you start a game, ---- otherwise the game will show up as unregistered.

You can read an extensive description of the game in the Galaxy Ranger Documentation through this link.

have fun commanding your robotic minions!


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