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download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Braille soft
platform:Windows, packmate, windows smart phone
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Wackamole is Braillesoft's wrendition of the traditional arcade style games seen at fairs and amusement arcades (sometimes also called gofers). In it's usual form, a number of moles pop out of a number of holes and the player needs to give them brain ache with a hammer in order to score points.

In Braillesoft's version, the hammer is of course replaced with a keyboard, and instead of the sterrio targiting you might expect, the annoying litle moles yell letters out which you must press as fast as possible in order to rattle their miniscule mole minds!

Rather than the basic score counting deal, the game works on a system of levels. Wack 20 moles and you move up a level, press te wrong letter or take too much time and you lose a life, ---- three lives and the game is over. To win you must complete five levels, ---- that's 100 moles squashed which is a surprising challenge.

With irritating taunts recorded for the mole and a few amusing sounds , this game is actually a lot more fun than it sounds. Though an arcade game, it would also be a very fun test for anyone learning the keyboard.

As is usual with Braillesoft's games, Wackamole has been released on a number of platforms. The Above link will download the windows version, but other versions are available.

The Packmate 4.1 and earlier version may be found here

The Packmate omni and later version is here

And finally, there is a Version for windows smart phones here


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