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genre:Arcade Games
developer:Lighttech interactive
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When the spanish government recieve information that a huge amount of valuable and historically important treasure is to be found on the South american Moajuba Island, they know instantly who to send for; the daring explorer Guillermo Marsalis.

this is the situation in Treasuremania 1 tells the story of Guillermo's first attempt to rest as much of the treasure as possible from the dangerous island. Your mission in this game is to retrieve a number of treasure chests drowned fathoms deep in the moajubian gulf, a body of water surrounded by hazardous cliffs just off the island itself.

In this sterrio, self-voicing audio game, you use the right and left arrows to maneuver your boat through the waters on the look out for treasure chests. Of course, just as in real life, the movements of your boat are heavily dictated by the unpredictable and often stormy whether, and if your not careful you can find yourself ending up a ship wreck on the cliffs to either side of the playing area.

You can identify chests below your boat via their creaking sound, but also pressing r toggles on your chest detector, which will start bleaping when your in position to use the up and down arrows to lower your hook into the water to try and retrieve the chest.

Of course, the moajubian gulf is far from empty. everything from tiny fish to dolphins are swimming about. Pressing space bar you can try and catch the small fish for some extra points, however should a fish run into your hook while your lowering it you'll need to strap on a breathing apperatus and dive down into the water to untangle the chain, ---- and as the moajubian gulf is also home to some less than friendly sharks, both diving, and fishing are not exactly safe activities; sinse this is one occasion where accessing Jaws is very! bad for your health.

With moajubian natives who welcome you with poisoned arrows fired from the cliffs, the possibility of being struck by lightning in rough weather, and (on crazy difficulty), some truly! killer bees, the oppertuneties for guillermo to end up in davy Jones' locker are many and various.

Featuring some incredibly atmospheric and ambient audio which will have you reaching for a towel to dry off, varied gameplay, and online top ten score competition, Treasuremania is a game that deffinately pushes the bounderies of what is possible in an arcade style game, ---- and best of all, it's free!

Though Lighttech's site has vanished from the internet, the fantastic audiogames archive has fortunately preserved all their software, plus This audio dependencies package, which might be of help if your having trouble running Lighttech's games on modern windows.


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