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Inquisitor: Chapter 2 the village

title:Inquisitor: Chapter 2 the village
download page:No link!
genre:Audio Adventures
platform:Windows, Mac, Ios
release:July 2014
features:text, sound, visuals
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Welcome to the second chapter of The Inquisitor, the journey of Father Nicholas Eymerich, the most dedicated servant of the holy Catholic churche's Inquisition. Step back to the 13th century for a tale of dark magic and religious zeal.

Having reached the village of Calcares, Nicholas Eymerich joins his friend jacinto corona and begins to investigate the sauce of the mysterious plague and the visions of pagan deities. Soon however it becomes clear that the evil manifesting in the women of the village is older, stranger and more magical than even Eymerich could've imagined, a pagan deity bent on a demonic revenge, and that only the Inquisitor's intelligence and his faultless purpose will carry the day and see the heresies consigned to the purifying flames.

As with the first game, this is an audio adventure in which you play as the dedicated (and really rather terrifying), Father Eymerich, a real historical figure, (though I hope for history's sake he was a little less synister in person). The game takes the classic formula of an adventure title, using the arrow keys (or swipes across the Ios screen), to flip through objects and choices, and then confirming them. For example to go to a different location, simply select "go" to be presented with possible exits.

This of course leads to some fiendish puzzles, however once again the system of divine help returns, where the next move in the game will be made for you, thus letting you progress as quickly or slowly as you wish through the story, although note that even doing it this way your in for a good few hours of gameplay. The Inquisitor: Chapter 2 costs 14 euroes (roughly 18 usd or about 12 pounds), for Pc and Mac, and 10 Euroes on Ios, although if you can pick up one of several bundles from the Ios Ap store the price is considerably less. Part of the reason for this higher price is that the game has been translated into several languages as well as English and it's initial Italian, including Latin and Spanish.

Though there is no demo available, you can find a number of teasers and other audio information on the Ticon Blu site above. Also, as with all Ios games the Inquisitor's second journey has A page on Applevis

With head scratching puzzles, a very unique protagonist, some extremely good acting plus an awsome soundtrack, anyone who enjoyed Eymerich's first outing should definitely continue on to see him confront yet more evils in this second installment.


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