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Inquisitor: Chapter 3 Sisters in dream

title:Inquisitor: Chapter 3 Sisters in dream
download page:No link!
genre:Audio Adventures
platform:Windows, Mac, Ios
release:September 2014
features:sound, visuals
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This is the third installment in the adventures of Father Nicholas Eymerich, begun in The Inquisitor, and continued in Chapter 2.

Eymerich has braved the haunted village of Calcares and discovered the evil being, the pagan goddess that has taken control of the villagers. As the smoke of the pyre rises towards heaven, Nicholas and his companion set out to root out the heart of the evil, from the Cistercian Abbey upon Calcares mountain, a place of magic and mystery where Nicholas will need all his will and cunning.

Return to 13th century Italy for another adventure with this most unlikely of heroes, solving puzzles and finding the truth. The gameplay in the third installment is the same as the first two, selecting objects or actions with either the arrow keys or swipes of the Ios screen and then combining, although the story and fine acting remain at the same high quality you'd expect from this series.

As with previous titles the game costs 14 Euroes (about 18 usd or 12 British pounds), on Pc and Mac, or 10 Euroes on Ios, though again it is available at a cheaper price for Ios if bought together in a bundle with the other two games.

Also as usual, versions of Inquisitor Chapter 3 can be bought in English, Latin or Italian as well.

Though it is a commercial game with no demo, teasers and audio instructions can be found on the Ticon blu site at the above link, also as with all Ios aps there is A page on Applevis

Happy Questing.


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