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Slay the Spire

title:Slay the Spire
download page:link
genre:Role Playing Games
developer:Mega Crit Games
platform:Windows (only accessible version), Linux, Mac, iOS, PS4, Xbox, Switch
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:pitermach


Slay the Spire is a rather unique game combining both the genres of Roguelike and card collector. You can play the game as 4 different characters,with the first being available right away and the others unlocking as you complete a run. Every character has a unique set of cards and abilities that make all of them different to play from each other requiring different strategies.


After selecting your character, you will be dropped on the first floor of the titular spire with a set of basic attack and defense cards, and you can select from one of the possible paths. You can always take a peak at the map to see the layout of the entire dungeon, which allows you to plot a path to an interesting square up ahead, as you can never go back to a previous square.


If you get into a battle, this is when you get to use your cards. Uniquely for games of this type, you are usually able to see exactly what each enemy you're up against is about to do, whether that's attack and if so for how much, defend, buff himself or give you a status effect (called a power in this game). This allows you to precisely plan your next moves, whether that's putting up defences of your own or deciding what enemy to take out first. Defeated enemies will drop various loot, like gold, potions to new more powerful cards that you can add to your deck. Defeating elite opponents or bosses will drop relics, which are artifacts giving you permanent bonuses.


Each dungeon of the game includes 15 floors, with the last always being a boss battle. Defeating that boss will allow you to move onto the next dungeon, with a single run through of the game always consisting of 3 dungeons. Beating an entire run will unlock various things, from additional characters, to harder difficulty settings called assentions, to additional cards and relics which can appear in future runs. Considering that each dungeon and what's contained in it is always randomised, there is plenty of replay value to be had. If this is not enough, you can also partake in daily challenges, which are runs with a specific character and conditions, whether they're positive making your life easier or negative to make these more challenging. Beating enough of these will eventually unlock an even harder, 4th dungeon for you to beat. All of the above, combined with some excellent fully orchestrated music and plenty of crunchy sound effects as you plow through enemies make Slay the Spire a wonderful experience!


Accessibility setup

The base game will not speak out of the box, and so you will need to install a couple of mods. This is by far easier if you are using the Steam version of the game, as all of these are in the steam workshop meaning that Steam will update them for you automatically. However, there is also a collection of these mods if you have purchased the game somewhere else, which you will find linked in the additional resources below.


If you purchased and installed the games on Steam, go to the pages for the following mods and click the subscribe link on them:


You will also need the Java Runtime environment installed. Clicking on the subscribe link on all of these mods should be all you need to do, Steam will download them for you in the background. To run the game, I recommend using ReadTheSpire which, when started will not only start the game for you but also automatically read all messages produced by the accessibility support and let you review them with hotkeys without having to switch windows.


When running ReadTheSpire for the first time, you will get a window for the MTS launcher which starts the game with mods. The first time you're here, you will want to tab to and press the toggle all mods on button to turn everything on. After that all you'll have to do to start the game is press play, and that's it. The first time you run the game, you will be told by the mod to type your name in the game window and press enter. From then on, you will play the game by typing commands into the prompt window that should have also popped up, very much like a mud. Once you get into a dungeon by typing in start followed by the character you want to play, you can type in help to access help on all of the available commands of the mod which, combined with reading how the gameplay works above or the official wiki linked below should be all you need to get you going!


Additional resources


  • The first post in this forum thread includes links to all of the mods for the Gog release of the game, plus other helpful information. All of the mods are also open-source and the links to their GitHub repositories are also included if you'd like to help out. It's also the best place to ask any questions you may have on playing the game.
  • The Slay the Spire Wiki includes a ton of information on all aspects of the game, from all mechanics, descriptions of every card and item, as well as strategies on how to play with every character



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