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Scrolling battles pro

title:Scrolling battles pro
url:No link!
download page:link
genre:Side Scroller
developer:Darkflyer productions
release:February 2019
last edit by:Dark


Like tomb hunter, Scrolling battles pro is a collaborative project between Mason Armstron of Darkflyer productions, and ns studios. Where Scrolling battles, your world focuses on exploration creation and platforming challenges, Scrolling battles pro is very much focused on the other side of side scrollers, that of murder, mayhem and madness.

In the game,you are placed onto an online multiplayer map with various other players spawning around it. The principle here is simple, just track down your foes and slay them in as short a way as possible using the various tools of destruction you find. Each player starts off with the same equipment and can use their fists, a long range laser, a short range hand gun, a machine gun or grenade launcher to aide in their slaughtering.

Power ups appear at locations around the map , including ammo for the various guns, mines and time bombs and a glider for fast transport, ammo for your weapons and even an extension to increase your audio range, however be careful with throwing off too many wild shots, as these items can be destroyed if your not careful.

Thus far, one map is available, a city scape with a waterfall in the centre and bridge across the top, but its likely other maps will be coming soon.

The game has two separate versions. The above link will let you download the multiplayer version, which allows you to view a list of available game servers, as well as create your own, these all involve online battles between human opponents.

There is also a Single player version which may be Downloaded here which lets you battle an increasing number of enemies, whose viciousness and power steadily increases, making them tougher and more aggressive, and is a challenge to your survival skills.

With more updates planned, as well as a lively community of prospective pugilists waiting to battle you, this is definitely a treat for action addicts everywhere.


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