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Scrolling battles

title:Scrolling battles
url:No link!
download page:link
genre:Side Scroller
developer:Mason Armstrong
release:June 2013
last edit by:Dark


The rather interestingly named Scrolling Battles is a game that very much does what it says on the tin. it is a side scroller with a huge amount of frantic, frenetic and crazy batling! As usual move from left to right with your arrow keys, attacking enemies with your spacebar (use control to run), occasionally jumping over pits of fire, water or just empty space with the up arrow. Enemies are many and varied, ranging from monsters to cyborgs with synthetic voices, however they come in extremely great numbers and won't let up. Fortunately you have a wild array of weapons at your disposal, guns, knives, fists, grenades and even a high powered water hose.

The playing field is an area several squares across with a safe zone to one side where you can't be attacked. enemies will continually appear in this area in ever increasing numbers as the game goes on, and pits will randomly change position as well meaning you need to keep your reflexes sharp.

Scrolling Battles, though it functions as a fairly basic arcade game in which you head from left to right and back again in a sealed area battling your enemies and racking up score has a really rather mind boggling array of features and extras available. Not only can you choose various things from environment sounds (fight in forests, spaceships or buildings), to enemy ambience, but also every enemy you slay gives you money. This money can be used to upgrade your movement and attacks, buy ammo, unlock new weapons or even power up a number of helpers to keep some of the enemies off your back. This gives the game a huge amount of longevity.

In addition to the weapons and upgrades available to buy, you can also unlock a variety of mini arcade games by playing for long enough as well as audio clips and other goodies. Unfortunately, the longer you play the stronger and faster the enemies become, since the enemies level up as you do, though the ability to customize your saves and in general mess around with all aspects of gameplay should help in keeping the challenge even and the game to remain fun, you can even write your own enemies to be included in the game with a simple script, and add your own soundpacks, player ambience etc.

The recent rewrite of the game has added many features and made the hole experience more stable. If however you want to check out some of the older versions and find out about some of Mason's other games you can do so Here on the audiogames archive though note that the above link does contain the most recent version


Though not exactly bringing anything new to the table in many ways Scrolling battles does what it does very well, with all the bells, bangs and whistles you could want. Plus, it's also absolutely free.


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