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Prometheus: The eternal wars

title:Prometheus: The eternal wars
download page:No link!
developer:Prometheus enterprises
release:July 2013
last edit by:Dark


Promethius: Eternal wars is a space based mud game set in the 24th century. Humanity has survived far into the future, surviving in fighting, wars and revolutions and has finally spread out into space where they exist in an uneasy state of truce with the alien Pyrians. However, another alien race, the X-loritans (more frequently known as lors), have started a devastating war to wipe out all life accept themselves. With both the human and Pyrian military stretched to capacity, the one hope seems to be to recruit independent space captains with their own ships.

This is where the players come in, becoming space pilots in this war torn galaxy.

In terms of activities the mud has many things to do, with more being added all the time. various different sorts of missions from exploration, to combat to delivery, asteroid and comit mining, fighting both in spaceships, vehicles and on the ground and even horse riding on the surfaces of colony planets. Design and build your own spaceships or moon bases, choose to fly solo or have a crew, and rather than earning points to simply advance in one activity, the mud has a more general status system with a friendly atmosphere. Pvp fighting is possible, although perhaps not as all consuming as in some space muds.

One thing that particularly distinguishes Prometheus is the attention given to blind and vi access. the game has a blind mode in the options design for screen reader output which insures alternative displays to ascii colour or blinking, also a large range of options can be used to customize the display of various objects in the mud's rooms or indeed in space. Furthermore, the mapping system employed on Prometheus is one of the most advanced, with the ability to search for any room on the current planet or starbase and get directions, or display a full scale textual map listing all the places around the player. Additionally, the game's action related texts have been specially designed so as to avoid giving the player too much by way of repetitive spam and thus swamping the screen reader speaking useless information.

Note that sinse this is a mud you'll need a client such as Vipmud or Mushclient in order to play.

To connect just point your client at prometheus-enterprises.com port 2223.

Additional resources

Jeff Rutkowski has compiled this extensive list of information about the game, which includes lists of starships, locations of sectors and objects and more, and might be a handy reference for any potential pilots.

Several sound packs have also been created for both Mushclient and Vipmud you can find out more Here on the Promethius soundpacks page

You can also read more about the game and find reviews Here on the Prometheus page of the mud connector site

Happy flying.


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