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Perilous hearts

title:Perilous hearts
download page:link
genre:Side Scroller
developer:Blastbay studios
release:November 2011
last edit by:Dark


Perilous hearts is an upcoming action adventure game from Blastbay studios that is set to turn the world of audio side scrollers on it's head. The game starts as Jim hears that his friend Melanie has got into trouble whilst doing voluntiere work in Africa. Like the big, manly and above all rich hero he is, Jim sets off to first grab some useful jungle hunting supplies from a local shop, then catch the plane to the darkest heart of Africa to find out what's happened to Melanie.

Thus at the start of the game, you'll have 3000 dollars (I said Jim was rich), to spend on supplies and weapons, everything from medical kits to adrenaline tablets, and weapons that range from a spear to a rifle, this makes for quite a variation in the way you play the game, depending upon what supplies you buy.

The game itself takes place in a side scrolling perspective where you push right arrow to walk forward and left to walk back, with up being jump. Enemies (and allies), will appear in one side of the sterrio field. Uniquely though, in Perilous hearts you will be doing a lot more than just walking left to right, sinse you'll need to jump into the air, climb trees and vines, and make your way across branches. A comprehensive audio look command is used to tell what's around you, and you can even attack up or down with your weapon.

The Ai in the game is also extremely special,sinse not all jungle animals or other people you meet will be hostile, indeed many may fight with each other, completely ignoring your presence, run away if they get angry, or attack if they see you killing other animals. This gives the game an extremely dramatic quality and far more the feeling that your coming into a jungle full of creatures with their own business, than just walking along fighting enemies.

The game wil be released later this year, but Philip has released a concept demo. This lets you start off Jim's adventure and play through the first two stages, ---- a walk through the jungle hunting for food, and a dangerous fight in a native village against some marauding predators. The full game will have far more levels and companions, and probably unlockables too.

Note that this is a concept demo, so some cutscenes are not yet complete and use sapi instead of being fully voice acted, ---- though the game is quite stable and playable nonetheless.

The full game will be commercially available (though there will always be a demo), however if you want to give Philip some additional financial assistance with the project, feel free to donate at this link (the donation is for Philip's chat site banter bay, but it is the same developer).

Those who are interested in programming might also like to know that Perilous hearts was built entirely with Bgt see index Which really proves it's power as an engine for creating advanced games.

Brendan, aka Bcs9, and Lauren downy from the forum have recorded an audio walkthru of the demo which can be Heard here

For more information on Blastbay games, you can visit This page on the audiogames archive

With great sound effects and music, a very unique atmosphere and an entirely new take on side scrolling audio games, Perilous hearts is likely to be a truly land mark title, so it's certainly recommended if you want to get a preview of the action to download the demo and give it a try!


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