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Inspector Cindy: unfinished symphony

title:Inspector Cindy: unfinished symphony
download page:link
developer:7-128 Software
platform:Windows, mac
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


The american city of Newport of the 1890's, a hive of culture, wealth, ---- and possibly murder? when a Trumpeter keels over into a potted palm during mrs. Worthington's toy Symphony, there's deffinately a wrong note struck somewhere. But whether the Trumpeter has brassed off one of Newports' residents, ore is a victim of chance is now a matter for the police to decide. The police in this case means yourself, --- Newports' finest detective, aided, assisted and cryticized by Inspector Cindy from vienna.

thankfully, you won't need to be a concert pianist in order to play this unfinished symphony, as the games' interface has been created specifically for ease of use and flexibility. choose from a list of questions to ask the various witnesses and suspects, then use the map button to list possible other locations from Ishmail's coffee shop to the Portland language school to further your investigations. though most of the game is textual and thus resembles a more traditional gamebook, sound effects, music, (hopefully with not too many struck down musicians), and video hints from inspector Cindy herself contribute to the atmosphere. The game also outputs directly to Jaws, window eyes or uses an in built game voice.

Though the above link will download the unfinished symphony for windows, you can also find a Mac version here Both versions also come with a three day demo to allow you to explore the crime scene and get a feel for detection, ---- after that the game will cost ten dollars. Just remember that you'll also need the 7-128 gamebook found here in either it's full or demo state in order to play the game.

happy hunting!


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