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Grail to the thief

title:Grail to the thief
download page:link
genre:Audio Adventures
platform:Windows, Mac, Linux
release:September 2014
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Grail to the thief is the first game from new developer Foralltoplay. As the name suggests, the developers made the game in an effort to produce something which could be accessible to a wide range of gamers.

Grail to the thief has the player taking on the roll of Hank Crank, a surly and definitely disreputable thief from the near future. having won a time machine in a poker game, along with it's artificial intelligence Tedi (or time extraction digital interface), Hank embarks on a series of thefts across history, attempting to steal valuable historical artifacts that he can sell to pay his rent. Not exactly being a particularly retiring fellow, Hank's first target is The Holy Grail. With easily offended guards, a king with comparatively little sense of humour, sobbing trolls and revolting peasants, 6th century Camelot might just be more than Hank bargained for, particularly sinse only the virtuous may see the Grail and virtuous is decidedly not Hank's natural state.

Grail to the thief is a remarkably easy game to pick up and play even as compared to other Audio adventure games, sinse all that's needed is listen to the choices for each scene and selecting actions, or conversational responses from a list of numbers. The Z key can repeat the last story sequence, while X repeats the numeric choices on offer and spacebar repeats everything. Other than escape to return to the main menu, that is all that is required in the game.

The game doesn't save your progress, but is a comparatively short game, taking around an hour to complete, although sinse there are so many different branching sets of dialogue in the game it's highly worth replaying multiple times (if nothing else just for Hank's rather blunt force attitude to interacting with history). The game costs 5 usd, (roughly 3 Pounds or 4 Euroes), and the above link will download the demo for windows which will let you play through a couple of scenes, the Linux demo may be downloaded here, and The Mac demo is here

Additional resources

Grail to the thief has a lot of promotional material available if people want to find out about the game. There is This page on the indedb.com site

Also, Foralltoplay have recorded a number of videos and audio trailers of the game in various states of development which can be found either on their above site or on The foralltoplay Youtube channel

With a light hearted atmosphere especially from the interactions between amusingly dispicable Hank, and the long suffering Tedi, and some entertaining voice acting, though Grail to the thief isn't a long experience, it's definitely worth a try .


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