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GMA Lander

title:GMA Lander
download page:link
genre:Action Games
developer:GMA Games
release:January 2013
last edit by:Dark


GMA lander is one of those deceptively simple game ideas which, at the same time is horribly tricky to play, and irritatingly addictive too.

As you would expect from the game's title, in GMA lander your task is to emulate the Appolo Mission control and safely land a space rocket's landing module as it comes in from orbit, controlling the thrusters to slow the hurtling rocket's descent so that it arrives in one peace. This is complicated by the fact that your ship doesn't come with a limitless supply of fuel for the thrusters, meaning you need to conserve their use.

The game's controls are very straight forward, simply hit spacebar to control your thrusters, (which also makes this a game quite playable with one switch for people with movement related imparements), and listen to the clicks in the center of the sterrio field that denote your landers' speed, and the descending bleep which indicates it's altitude (you can also have fuel indicated by a sound in the right ear if you like). All of these factors come with spoken feedback if you want, and the various indicators can all be turned on and off depending upon your choice. Under the surface though, this hides a very tough set of mechanics, and a need to practice incredibly hard on your thruster use, indeed don't expect a successful landing the first, second or even fifth time, since this is certainly a skill that needs training.

Another great thing about GMA lander is the customization. Choose to try landing on Earth, Murcury, Venus or mars, all with their correct (and differing), values for gravity, descent and terminal velocity, or have a random rocky planet or gas giant generated for you by the game if you get tired of our solar system. You can also choose the difficulty level as well, which limits your thruster fuel and gives you even harder targits of velocity to aime at (if the standard easy mode wasn't tough enough).

The game supports a number of screen readers and can be played with Jaws, Window eyes, system access, Nvda or Supernova, or indeed output directly to Microsoft sapi as well, which again increases the level of customization, not to mention the fact that the game is completely free to play.

GMa lander is proof that a game doesn't need a hyper complex system, many sounds or lots of controls to still be highly addictive, and is therefore very much recommended especially to anyone with an interest in real aironaughtics.

To find out more about Gma games and their titles, you can visit The Gma games page on the Audiogames archive site

Happy crashing.


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