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download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Team Bill
platform:Windows 98/2K/XP/Vista or DOS
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Richard


Din is a single-player audio game developed by Team Bill (consisting of Ted Diefenbach, Mansa Gory and Brian Lee) for the 2009 Global Game Jam - a worldwide 48-hour game building marathon in which game design teams from literally everywhere try to develop a fun and exciting game from scratch. This year there were no less than 360 free new game entries!

In Din, you are Bill. Bill walks along his daily life, and one-by-one, is approached by all sorts of loved ones. They will chat him up and occasionally ask him to press a certain key on the keyboard (which key is indicated in their audio cue). Bill must try to respond to all the key requests in a timely manner to earn points. A correct response earns a point. An incorrect response (or no response) deducts a point. Of course, soon Bill gets pretty overloaded with requests. Neglect your friends enough and they will give up on you! Treat them too well, and you may just get overwhelmed by your popularity. A quick hint: each time someone starts his or her request you will hear a twinkling bell-sound. The game lasts 3 minutes, and then ends.

Although the game was not developed as an audio game (it also features graphics and animations), you can still play it with a visually impairment. Concerning accessibility: both the score as well as the main menu are not audible. It is accessible using a screenreader such as HAL, though. In case you try to play it without a screenreader: when you start the game (by clicking Din.exe - it's in a folder titled Release) you will enter the main menu (this may take a while by the way). You'll know you are in the menu by the sound of all sorts of chatter. Simply Press space to start the game.
Please note that when the game ends, there's no clear audible cue. The sounds of Bills friends will stop but the music will continue for some time, displaying the end credits. After a minute or so, the game will shut down - so you're not returned to the main menu, just so you know!


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