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Corruption of champions

title:Corruption of champions
download page:No link!
genre:Adult Games XXX
platform:Macromedia flash, online web browser, Ios, android
features:text, visuals
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Every year, The village of Ingnam must select a champion to go into the cave behind the village and enter the portal to the demon realm of Mareth. In years when no champion has been selected crops fail and the fields are plagued by demon attacks, yet this year something is wrong, the need for a champion is stronger than before. This is the opening scenario of Corruption of champions, a single player text rpg with an erotic theme.

Note that just like Flexible survival, corruption of champions features raw and graphic descriptions of sex, often with your character being ravaged by various animalistic demons in rather unique ways (especially if you lose in battle). Indeed, much of the world and the plot itself has a grotesque, sexual theme to it with giant bees that lay eggs by injecting them into their victim's rear, or witches who sustain their power through bathing in sexual body fluids. Therefore it is very much not recommended for under players or those prone to be upset by extreme material.

Equally however, just like Flexible survival, Corruption of champions is an extremely engaging and detailed rpg with a vast world to explore, a number of npcs to interact with many different powers to use and an epic (if off colour), story, so those who don't mind such content might want to check this one out.

When the game starts you may Play as a number of pregenerated characters by entering custom names, or enter a name to begin afresh, then go and see what the demonic realm has to offer you, perhaps you will be it's saviour, ridding the realm of evil, or perhaps you will choose to join in the corruption yourself.

In the game, choose a class and history such as alchemist, blacksmith, scholar and even hoar which give you some beginning perks and skills, then start exploring various locations looking for different encounters, beginning by your camp site near the demonic portal and extending outwards from there, learning more of the story, encountering friendly, not so friendly, or occasionally overly friendly demons, and engaging them in battle. Battles indeed are complex since you have not only your weapons, armour and spells to use, but also the potential of using your opponent's demonic lusts against them, since battle doesn't just end when your opponent's hp reaches zero, but if you can use your erotic talents to make your opponent's lust hit 100 they will be too distracted to continue battle. Unfortunately, this is the demon realm, so don't expect to stay human for too long, especially if you begin eating strange foods, though note that eating foods is often a good way to alter your character's statistics.

Though the game doesn't have classes in a traditional sense, every level (and sometimes through quests or other actions), you can gain perks. These provide either boosts to stats or even extra abilities, and these perks, combined with what weapons and items you choose can change the way your game progresses, for example those keen on spell casting can equip themselves with wizard's robes and a staff, while more martial types can concentrate on heavy armour and weaponry.

The game features a lot to explore and many npcs with whom you can interact, indeed finishing the game is almost a side line since there is so much else to look at. One unique thing is that the game features two sided content for most of its based on the idea of purity or corruption, for instance its often your choice whether to interact with npcs as hero and lover, or to give in to your appetites and go a darker route.

Playing the game is surprisingly easy. Though written in flash all of the text is quite readable with most standard screen readers provided you use a compatible browser such as Firefox or Internet explorer (note that the game has some problems running in Chrome). Simply click on the various textual choices with your screen reader of choice, eg, explore, fight etc, and you should have no trouble. The game may be played online (use the open in new window link), or downloaded as a flash sdf file to play offline. Downloads are also available for Android and Ios, though the accessibility of the game with Talkback or Voiceover is not known, also bare in mind, that to run the Android or Ios versions of the game you must directly transfer the game file to your device, since Corruption of champions is not available in the google or Ios ap stores.

Best of all, The game is entirely free to play.

For more about Corruption of champions, including information on it's many quests, pregenerated characters, secrets and other useful tips you can Check out the Corruption of champions wiki here

Note that Fenoxo's second Rpg Trials in tainted space which is now in development is inaccessible and is likely to remain so.

The detailed rpg mechanics, the amount of encounters and many npcs to interact with make a definitely fun experience for rpg fans, though be sure your prepared for the actually rather overthetop sexual content if you intend to play this.

Happy corrupting.


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