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Blind gladiator

title:Blind gladiator
download page:No link!
genre:Action Games
platform:Windows, Mac, Ios
release:June 2016
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Blind Gladiator is Audio It's take on the bloody combat sport of the Roman empire. Choose one of a number of classes and prepare to enter the Arena against various renowned opponents from across the Roman empire, making money along the way which you can use to upgrade your weaponry and armour. Work up from being an unknown newbie through first the local regions to eventually fight before the Emperor himself at Rome's coliseum, perhaps earning your freedom.

In the game, on Pc or Mac use either left and right arrows to avoid oncoming attacks and down arrow for central attacks when you hear your opponent swing. , Block with shield or up arrow, then hit the spacebar to retaliate. On Ios tilt your device left or right or back, and block by holding your finger on the screen, tap to attack.

Unfortunately, as you attack and use your weaponry more, you will become more tired, meaning that killing your enemies quickly is definitely advised, on the other hand, you can always stop in the various duel locations to earn yourself a bit of extra cash and buy better gear, or even use various salves at the in for healing when you've taken a beating.

With high quality sound and music, some rather bloodthirsty audio commentry, versions available in English, Spanish and the original Italian, Blind Gladiator is just what your looking for if you want a quick and violent game, particularly good on the go with Ios using the tilt function of your phone. The translations unfortunately put up the price, meaning the game costs 14 usd, however sales are common, and it's part of an audio ap bundle with some of Audio It's other games on Ios if you want to pick it up for less.

Additional resources

As usual there is a page for the Ios version of the game on The Applevis site

Also, though no demo is available you can check out An audio test run of the game here and the short teaser Here

Happy slaying.


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