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Beatstar Pro

title:Beatstar Pro
download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Oriol gaming zone
release:February 2015
last edit by:Sebby


From the same Oriol gomez who's mushz pack has given so many people hours of fun on the alteraeon Mud, beatstar is proof that not everything needs to be as huge and complex as alteraeon to be a fun game.

Beatstar is based on the classic formula of boppit. Listen to the underlying music track, and hit the correct button in rythm when you hear the sound associated with it, (keys include space, tab, enter or backspace or in some harder instances the arrows as well), the more in rythm you are, and the longer you last without messing up the better you score. This is a style of audio game which likely everyone has played at some point, yet Beatstar has become hugely popular by adding various gameplay additions to the classic formula.

The first twist Beatstar adds is coins. Rather than just getting a high score, for correct button pushing and correct timing a player earns coins. These coins can either be used to buy safeguards which let you mess up and yet carry on playing, buy insurance to carry on at the level you got to before messing up, or to buy and unlock extra soundpacks and minigames.

That is right, rather than just having one default set of songs and beats to match rythms with, you can download the pack creation tool from the above site and create your own packs with their own theme and sounds. New soundpacks can be downloaded within the game itself, and once downloaded a player can unlock them at a cost of 5000 coins each. Thus, as well as the default theme based on the Ios game Smackme, you could find yourself getting funky with Starlordd's tape deck from Guardians of the galaxy, blasting Daleks to the epic Doctor who theme, bopping your way through Mario and other classic nintendo games, heading back to Alteraeon with some familiar sounds or even tangling with screen readers like Voiceover or eloquence, not to mention of course several packs devoted to various musical styles from Tirkish pop songs to hard rock. Of course, if you clear a pack you get a good boost of coins which will in turn let you unlock more packs.

Once finished however, that isn't it, sinse once you have cleared all background tracks in a pack, you can play on random, an endless mode that alternates background music, reverse mode, where the kews for which buttons to hit and the sounds when hitting them are reversed, (which can seriously mess with your brain), or even change the Boppit, rythm action gameplay for a simon version which tests your memory rather than your reactions and rythmic skills.

The game also contains minigames, a set of little arcade style games to vary the action from the usual rythm style, and another thing to spend your hard earned beat coins on. For instructions on any minigame just hit F1 in the menu. Minigames include:

  • Beatslots: a slot machine where you bet your beat coins which uses the pack's sounds to indicate what the tumblers land on, with the chance of winning many beatcoins for getting it right or losing many more should fate turn against you.
  • Beatball: a very random penalty shootout football game where you need to beat the goaly by choosing where to kick the ball or to defend from left center and right.
  • Beatbox, a mano a mano fist fight of three rounds with a monstrous opponent where you must hit six different keys to block high, center or low on either the left or right and attack in your turn.

  • Wealthy chance: A game similar to the game show Deal or no deal. There are 25 cases available with different amounts of beatcoins in each. The bank will make offers and you can choose to take the offer, open a case, or go on opening all cases until there is just the one left. Possible to win a massive 100000 beatcoins though obviously only if you gamble right.

  • Keep the beat: A difficult game in which you hear a couple of beats then a beep and have to carry on hitting enter in the correct rythm.
  • Beatpong: The arcade classic with a Beatstar twist, hit enter when you here the table tennis ball bounce in the center , however beware since the ball gets faster each time.
  • Double or nothing: Bet all of your beat coins (though note you'll need at least 5000), and either get double what you bet, or nothing!

  • Beat the code: A mastermind type of game where you use the action buttons such as tab, backspace enter and space to guess a hidden code, though note some codes might involve repeated keys.

  • Dice of doom: A game combining both Higher lower and Skunk. Roll two six sided dice, and then decide whether the next throw will be higher or lower than the current title, earning more beatcoins for correct answers and deciding when you've had enough and want to take the money and run. Note though that if you roll a twelve, you lose everything.

The game also has achievements to earn, both for playing either the Beatstar game itself, or for achieving victories (or defeats)in the various minigames, all complete with crazy sounds and commentary from Oriol himself. Check the readme for a list of achievements and instructions on how to win them.

The above link will download an installer for the game, which will create program shortcuts and the like. If you'd prefer a plane zip version that you need to run the game file from directly, you can Download the portable zip here

With a large number of packs (literally hundreds) and more being added continually, not to mention the achievements and various minigames, Beatstar despite such a wonderfully simple concept is a game that always offers something new.

For the most part, the game is self voicing, however Microsoft Sapi or other screen reading programs such as Nvda or Jaws are used in a couple of instances such as reading soundpack names before you download or notifying you of program updates, (which the game will also download automatically though note you will need to run these yourself).

The game is %100 free, however if you like the game, there is a suggested donation of ten dollars, which you can find a button for on Oriol's above website. It is planned eventually that donating will give a small reward such as a donator achievement or special soundpack, however even if you don't donate you are free to enjoy all of Beatstar's considerable features for as long as you like.

Beatstar is proof that really great game design can breathe life into even the most symple of concepts, and is highly worth a look, for experienced or novice gamers alike.

For more information about Oriol gaming zone, visit the page on The audiogames archive site


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