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BG Uno

title:BG Uno
download page:link
genre:Traditional games
developer:Spoonbill Software
release:November 2007
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


BG uno is a great free self-voicing version of the popular card game, similar to Oh no, crazy eights or twos but played with it's own pack of 108 special cards.

the pack contains four colour sutes red, green blue and yellow, and cards with the numbers 0-9, pluss several special action cards. Each player is dealt 7 cards, and the game's object is to get rid of all cards in a player's hand by taking turns to place a card on the discard pile. to be disguarded however, a card must Match the number or colour of the previous card. If a player cannot match a card, he/she must pick up a card from the pack, and if it cannot be immediately played, must add it to his/her hand.

things are made more interesting by special action cards such as skip, which forces the next player to miss a turn, wild, which allows a player to choose the sute colour for the next turn, reverse which reverses the order of play, and the dreaded draw two and wild draw four cards which force the next player to pick up more cards.

When a player is out of cards and wins the round, the other players must count up their score, and just as in hearts, the lowest scoring player when someone reaches 500 is the winner.

Of course, the game wouldn't be complete without the need to say "uno" when a player has one card left, and failing to do this will result in a penalty.

BG uno simulates all the above rules, ---- even the saying Uno with a press of the enter key, and lets you play against three other computer opponents at various levels of skill.

If this all sounds fun, just send an E-mail request for the game with your name and country to Ian Humphries on games@spoonbillsoftware.com.au and he'll send you a copy.


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