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BG Tri-peaks Solitare

title:BG Tri-peaks Solitare
download page:link
genre:Card Games
developer:Spoonbill Software
release:October 2013
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


BG Tri-peaks Solitare, much like some of their previous Solitare games is a game that lets Blind gamers have access to one of the graphical Solitare games available on Windows 8 through the Microsoft solitare collection (several of the others such as Spider Solitare and Clondike solitare are already available in the BG series).

In Tripeaks Solitare, the player removes cards in sequence from a board of 28 cards arranged in three piramid patterns like three mountain peaks hence the name. The object is to remove as many cards in sequence as possible without running out of deals from the pack. For every board cleared, the player gets another deal, meaning this is a game of careful management as well as spacial logic.

All the usual techniques used to move and arranged cards easily are present in Tri-peaks, as well as larger graphics and higher contrast for low vision players, and playing of midi music for some light background. The game also uses Microsoft Sapi for speech output so no screen reader is needed to play. It is also (like the rest of Ian Hurmphies games, completely free.

If you'd like a copy of the game, just send an E-mail with your name and country of residence to games@spoonbillsoftware.com.au


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