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BG 15 puzzle

title:BG 15 puzzle
download page:link
genre:Puzzle Games
developer:Spoonbill Software
release:March 2006
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


In 15 puzzle your presented with a grid of 16 squares containing 15 tiles bearing the numbers 1 to 15 with one blank position. the object of the game is to slide the 15 tiles around until you've got them in ascending order, with the blank position at the bottom right hand corner. the fewer moves you take to do this, the more points you score.

so if you've got a good sense of spacial logic and can count to 15, here's a perfect challenge for you!

As with all spoonbill games, 15 puzzle is self voicing through microsoft Sapi so no screen reader is necessary. If you'd like a copy of the game, just send an E-mail with your name and country of residence to games@spoonbillsoftware.com.au


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