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Alter Ego

title:Alter Ego
download page:No link!
developer:Peter Favaro
platform:Online, android phone, iphone.
features:text, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Alter Ego is a modernized and updated version of a humerous, but thought provoking text game originally written in 1986 for the Comador 64 computer. What if it was possible to live your life through once again, making different choices, under different circumstances, ---- perhaps as a different genda? This is the basic question Alter Ego asks.

The game presents you with a number of scenarios each with choices to make, and gives you knolidge of the progress of your life throughout that time, ---- starting from your birth right up to death. The writing of these segments is intentially dry and rather humerously synical in nature, and the actions you can take, ---- while everyday, can frequently be chaotic, or ludicrous, ---- for instance your first actions at birth when you may come out fighting, or stay in a bit longer!

From an access point of view, the online version of perfectly workable with a screen reader sinse the majority of the game is text. Various scenarios on the main page of each life stage, ---- ie, the litle mini adventures you choose along the course of your life, are marked with unlabled jpgs, however it is possible to note these with a screen reader by their title, ---- eg, baby1.jpg. Once one has been gone through, that link disappears, thus there is no worry about hitting a scenario you've already completed.

The game also saves, so that you can continue your second life later on.

It is unknown at this time whether the alternative versions of the game for mobile devices are accessible, ---- though given it's mostly textual nature, it seems that they could well be.

Though perhaps not your usual run of game, Alter Ego will deffinately prove interesting for anyone who wishes a good look at life.


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