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All inPlay Texus Holdem

title:All inPlay Texus Holdem
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genre:Social game hub
features:text, sound, visuals
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Sadly All in play vanished from the internet some time in 2014 and their current status is unknown.

Welcome to this fully accessible, online poker game. Texus holdem is the classic tournament game of poker, and now thanks to Allin play, it is fully accessible to Vi and sited players alike in one big online community.

In Texus holdem, each player is dealt two cards, and must use a number of community cards dealt onto the table to make the best poker hand possible. After paying the anti for the table, a round of betting ensues. Then, three cards (the flop), are dealt onto the table. Then follows another round of raising or calling, before the forth card, ---- the turn, is played, then another round before the fifth card, the river. Then follows the show down in which players either try to intimidate each other into folding, or lead each other on into making high raises, ---- before milking the loser for all they're worth!

Texus holdem is the most professionally played Poker game, and requires the most keen amount of betting and bluffing stratogy. Thanks to all in play, the game can be played online against other players, at a variety of tables with different playing speeds and game antis, , or against computer opponents if nobody else is available.

The game has graphics, but also directly outputs text to Jaws, Window eyes, or Ms sapi (you can set your screen reader preference in the options page), allowing it to be played with any level of vision, and without use of a screen reader if necessary.

A text chat system and profiling allows players to taunt one another, ---- or just say hi, throughout each game. Best of all, no need to worry about emptying your bank account sinse each game is played with online Texus Holdem chips, specific to the all in play website.

Should you go through an unlucky streak and lose all your chips, you can buy huge amounts (200000 pluss), from the all in play store, or just visit the chip fountain which will despense several thousand chips every 24 hours for free.

Competition happens through the Allin play scoreboards, and through occasiona. special tournament events, where the winners gain prizes such as free months of game subscription.

AA free trial of 15 days subscription is available, so you can test out all functions of this game, ---- pluss the other Allin play games for free. Also note that along with Texus Holdem, you also get either trial or subscription access to Allin play's other games, The Anagram game, see index, Crazy eights, and Five card draw poker another poker game involving betting and chips, but a very different dealing and hand creating method. and and Locum locution

To find out more you can Go here to read the documentation

for a look at all five all in play games you can download this review posted on blind cool tech by tim keenan.

Thanks goes to Dean wilcox for information about this game.


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