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All inPlay The anagram ggame

title:All inPlay The anagram ggame
download page:link
genre:Social game hub
developer:All inPlay
features:text, sound, visuals
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Sadly All in play vanished from the internet some time in 2014 and their current status is unknown.

The anagram game is a fast paced competative word and vocabulary game. Players are given a phrase, and required to make as many different words as possible from the words in that phrase, scoring points for longer and more cunning words. Press space to here the phrase, alt space to have it spelled, and review with curser keys.

When playing in single player mode, this is all there is to the game, however being a game from All in play, far more is available, sinse the game is played competatively online against other people in real time. in these modes, the fastest to come up with the most words wins, and on the less forgiving modes of the possible game tables, words entered by one player can not be repeated by others (making things highly inconvenient when someone quickly goes through all the easy anagrams), and as well as racing other players, your also racing the ever present threat of the clock.

competition is constant to win places on the All in play scoreboards.

As with the other all in play games, The anagram game outputs directly to Jaws, or may be self-voicing via microsoft Sapi. It also has colourful, high visability graphics making it attractive and playable by people with all and any level of sight.

You can play a free 15 day trial of the game where you can test out all functions, before needing to pay a subscription fee. Note that with your trial or subscription you'll also get access to All in play's other titles, Crazy eights see index, Five card draw poker, and Texus holdem. and Locum locution

To find out more you can Go here to read the documentation Happy spelling!

for a look at all five all in play games you can download this review posted on blind cool tech by tim keenan.


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