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Against the clock

title:Against the clock
download page:link
genre:Puzzle Games
developer:Nathan Tech
features:text, sound
last edit by:Dark


Against the clock is a fun, free, traditional Simon style memory game with an entertaining ambience where you try to input an ever increasing sequence of arrow key commands in an ever decreasing time limit.

The game is composed of 20 levels, at level one you will need to put in one key command, eg, right, left, up or down arrow and have 100 seconds to do it. Easy as pie right? Accept that for level two you will have 95 seconds and a sequence of two keys, level 3 90 seconds and a sequence of 3 keys and so on. Can you make it past level 20 when you have just 5 seconds for a sequence 20 key presses long to become the ultimate Against the clock master?

Other keys in the game are very straight forward, arrows to navigate the menu, r to hear the sequence for the next level, u and d to raise or lower the background music volume. Game is mostly self-voicing, but has a number of alert boxes which will to be read by your screen reader, though fortunately any screen reader capable of navigating any version of Windows from Xp upwards will have no trouble reading these.

With an added time element and a rather amusing sound sequence for losing, this is definitely ideal for a five minutes of brain training.


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