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A western drama

title:A western drama
download page:No link!
genre:First person adventure
platform:Windows, Mac
release:December 2019
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A western drama is an upcoming audio action/adventure game by Italian developer Tribit studios, distributed through The tikon blue web store.

Return to 1800 and America's old west. In the demo (set 15 years before the main game), take on the roll of thirteen year old Wade as his gruff mentor; law man Drake Farr, coaches him through his first bounty mission. Young though Wade is , his mission isn't an easy one. Ride to the old quarry where the outlaw Crouch is hiding out, negotiate your way around a treacherous landscape, and take on crouch's men in an epic gun battle, before a one on one quick draw duel with Crouch himself.

The game features a number of scenarios and challenges to your skills. Walk or ride with up arrow and use left and right to turn first person style during navigation, but be ware of crumbling cliffs and other hazards. During gun battles, hold down arrow to take cover and reload, then pop up when the coast is clear, using a directional arrow to aim, and tapping spacebar to fire, though be careful, since enemies on multiple sides will also be trying to fill you full of lead.

Finally, during the duel follow the maracas in sequence Simon style as the drums pound out your heartbeat to raise your concentration, then, when you get the signal, hit up arrow, quickly followed by space to draw and shoot, hopefully, if your quick and concentrated enough, faster than your enemy.

With an atmospheric soundtrack reminiscent of the most famous western theme, and some high quality voice acting that bring the gritty atmosphere of the west to life with far more seriousness than we've seen in audio before, this is certainly one to watch, especially for western fans.


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