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Welcome at AudioGames.net!

Audiogames, as opposed to video games are computer games who's main output is sound rather than graphics.

Using sound, games can have dimensions of atmosphere, and possibilities for gameplay that don't exist with visuals alone, as well as providing games far more accessible to people with all levels of sight.

This site exists as a community portal for all things to do with audiogames. Here you will find news, articles, an active community forum and our database of over 500 titles on platforms from Microsoft Windows to iOS.

If you've not played an audiogame before, strap on some headphones, try one for yourself and hear the difference!

Latest News

Headline on Polygon: Terry Garrett triumphs over Ocarina of Time

A blind gamer just headlined on one of the major game websites. Terry Garretts five-year quest to beat The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is complete. Terry Garrett wanted to beat the N64 classic to prove he could play 3D games, too. Congratulations, Terry! http://bit.ly/1Z3atvz [read more]

January 04, 2016

Happy Crimbles etc

Just a quick note to say Merry / happy / joyful / jubilant / delightful / convivial / merigacous Christmas, or indeed anything else your celebrating this time of year. From myself and all of us on the audiogames.net, cyber elf management team. [read more]

December 24, 2015

A present from Korea

As everyone knows, christmas is a time for giving, however if you give generously some geezer with a white beerd and a red suit might reward you. Well probably not because he's reputedly a stingy fellow who works for the coke companies, however there are some very good people in Korea who just might do the same.Ji Eum is a new rythm action audio rpg in development by a group of Korean developers. The game will focus around the traditional Korean story of returning light a... [read more]

December 03, 2015

clomp clomp clomp!

Yep time for some news of agamebook variety, and planely as a theme for these offering of a distinctly clanking, ratling and groaning variety too. First off, Choiceofgames see index have had several new releases over the past couple of weeks, both with a distinct theme. Under the hosted games banner they've had Attack of the clockwork Army, and more recently Steampunk, choice of gaslight, a... [read more]

November 29, 2015

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