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Welcome at AudioGames.net!

AudioGames.net is a community portal for audio games: games based on sound. An audio game is a game that consists (only) of sound. Its gamemechanics are usually based on the possibilites of sound as well. Usually (but not always) audio games have only auditive (so no visual!) output. We think audio games have the potentional to be a genre on its own due to the immense undiscovered possibilities of sound. Audiogames.net aims to promote audio games and support and inform the audio game community. By providing a clear view on the audio game genre we also contribute to the evergrowing game industry that is only just now beginning to recognize some of the potentials of sound.

Latest News

Site updates February 15th

Yes, we have another! site updates topic. Blaime this on considerable hard work and dedication, both by me, and by the Agnet Cyberelves, or rather by me upon the Agnet Cyberelves and by them only when acted upon by me, it's like a pure newtonian system, (especially when I apply the laws of force). Then again I'm not all bad, when Stinky and squeaky came to me yesterday morning and asked to have Valentines day off so that they could go on a romantic date together... [read more]

February 15, 2015

The future is full of racing monkeys

We've got several highly unique developments to report on this grim and dysmal morning, indeed grim and dysmal though the weather and life in general might be, hopefully some good new things are around the corner. First off there are monkeyss, three of them. Anyone who was hanging about our forums a couple of years ago might remember the proposed audio explorative Rpg, 3 monkeys in development by new British company Incus games. the game is planned as a full scale audio rpg, wh... [read more]

February 14, 2015

Please help with survey: 10 years of Game Accessibility at GDC!

This year we will be attending the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, where we will be participating in a Panel Discussion on the subject of 10 years of game accessibility. Here's a description of what it will be about:"In the ten years that the IGDA's accessibility group has been running we have seen many advances in the field, with awareness growing, and more and more developers considering accessibility for gamers with disabilities. But there's a lon... [read more]

February 10, 2015

Site updates February 8th

So, site updates time. this is the point obviously when people will be expecting a joke, some story of cyber elf mangling or similar. Well, I don't have one today, no sorry, no jokes at all! Or maybe that is the joke, the fact that there is no joke. Then again, we've done that one before. Ooooh, I know, one thing we've not done before is having a joke about not having a joke about not having a joke! and just to be even cleverer I'll make a joke about th... [read more]

February 08, 2015

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