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Welcome at AudioGames.net!

AudioGames.net is a community portal for audio games: games based on sound. An audio game is a game that consists (only) of sound. Its gamemechanics are usually based on the possibilites of sound as well. Usually (but not always) audio games have only auditive (so no visual!) output. We think audio games have the potentional to be a genre on its own due to the immense undiscovered possibilities of sound. Audiogames.net aims to promote audio games and support and inform the audio game community. By providing a clear view on the audio game genre we also contribute to the evergrowing game industry that is only just now beginning to recognize some of the potentials of sound.

Latest News

Ensign report to the Iphone!

Out of the dark and into the army! down the dusty path to  a very deadly world where there's lots of enemies to fight and places to explore! Anyone who loved A dark room for Ios, get ready to explore the story that tells you all about that game's barren world, The  ensign, the newest project from  Amirali Rijan. It's definitelly recommended you play A dark room first, sinse though this is a... [read more]

August 21, 2014

Heroes, mages, priests and devils!

We have no less than four new games to report this time.It seems like the folks at Choice of Games (see database entry) have been at it again in full force with, it seems, no chance of slowing down anytime soon, and all four of these new adventures are from this one company!The first, Heroes Rise: HeroFall, is the conclusion of the heroes rise trilogy, and involves you going on one final mission to save not only Mill... [read more]

August 19, 2014

Site updates August 13th

Yes, this one is thankfully sooner than our last update. This I can put down entirely to our brand new Clonetorium, copywrite The clone master of Eamon 1988. This has made replacing cyber elves who meet unfortunate accidents much easier, and you know what they say: When you play the game of clones, you win or you die, but it doesn't really matter which. Updates by Dark.Km 2000: removed page and download links sinse the status is unknown. Added note on ambiguo... [read more]

August 13, 2014

KuraKura Maze for iPhone

KuraKura Maze is a free audio maze game that - quite literally - *revolves* around finding your way towards a... (tada)... source of water, while avoiding obstacles such as...err... walls. It runs on iPhone and makes use of its motiontracking sensors (such as the gyroscope). You play the game standing up, holding your iPhone in one hand and rotating your body while using these controls:Tap: Go forwardTurn iPhone(iPod touch) left, right, and back: Turn around in 90 degrees. [read more]

August 11, 2014

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